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BOBBER STYLE – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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Usually we may hear a custom motorcycle referred to as Custom, but Custom is the general word with which we try to say that a motorcycle is not a naked, gran turismo or some other type of motorcycle that comes from the factory and has not been modified.

However, within this world of personalized motorcycles there are several styles that further define the taste and personality of the person who rides them. Among the most common or better known are motorcycles. Cafe racer Y Chopper, of which we have already talked about in other posts and they are surely easier to identify.

But in this post we will talk about another of the styles that surely many have heard, but are still not very clear, we refer to Bobber style.

The Bobber movement appeared in times very parallel to those that appeared on Custom motorcycles, after the Second World War, in the 40’s, they are generally created from motorcycles of the brands present at the time in USA Y Britain, (Harley Davidson, Indian and Triumph mainly).

They are characterized by being short and long, in English “long and low“, Have the two wheels of the same diameter and normally the same thickness. They usually have white band tires with classic spoke rims. Usually with a single small seat and it is very characteristic of this style that the exhaust pipes are changed or simplified, which are then wrapped in asbestos tape. In terms of handlebars there are several trends, with wide “Flier” type handlebars, high “Ape Hanger” type of medium height, short and straight, and so on. Apart from these modifications, the paint, mechanical details and accessories are customized to the taste of the rockers of the time. Sober colors are used such as black, garnet, etc., with mattes predominating. They are very subtly decorated with airbrushing of motifs inherited mainly from World War II bombers (Nose art, Pin-up), or references to the Rock And Roll, Rockabilly Y Blues. Bobbers are the predecessors of choppers, and there are various classifications based on the shape and length of the rear fender, tank size, chassis height from the ground, etc.


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