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Bou does not forgive either in Bizcaia Arena

23 mayo, 2021

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Toni Bou he has taken the triumph in the X-Trial Bilbao, the fifth test of the X-Trial World Championship 2020 disputed this afternoon / night in the Bizkaia Arena. The reigning champion, who remains undefeated, is even more of a leader after adding his fifth victory of the season. Adam raga Y Benoit Bincaz They have seconded him on the podium.


The third edition of X-Trial World Championship with 2Play as promoter has continued this afternoon / evening in the Bizkaia Arena from Bilbao or Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC); stage of X-Trial Bilbao 2020, the fifth of the eight events that make up the World Cup indoor calendar this season.

The Bizkaia Arena is the multipurpose pavilion of the complex Bilbao Exhibition Center situated in Baracaldo, Vizcaya. It is the largest of its kind in our country. Greater than, for example, the Palau Sant Jordi from Barcelona or The magic Box from Madrid, as it can hold up to 18,500 spectators.

Throughout its history, it has hosted all kinds of events, from monothematic rooms to exhibitions and activities of various kinds. Without going any further, prominent figures on the international music scene, such as Bruce springsteen, Brian Adams, AC DC, Hermanos Jonas, Iron maiden, Rihanna or Shakira have performed in its facilities, in addition to having hosted ice shows such as the ‘Disney on ice‘.

Among the sports, basketball stands out, undoubtedly, being also the 2014 World Championships the most relevant. Not surprisingly, it is the track on which the Club Basket Bilbao Berri SAD. –Commonly known as Bilbao Basket and how RETAbet Bilbao Basket for sponsorship reasons – play their home games in the league ACB.


Fajardo, Casales, Martyn, the guests

The sixth position obtained in the X-Trial of Barcelona and, above all, to have classified ahead of Miquel Gelabert, who finished seventh, earned him Jeroni Fajardo the pass to be able to compete as ‘Event Rider’ this X-Trial of Bilbao.

To the new flagship of Sherco, who to date had managed to climb to the third step of the podium on one occasion this season – in the X-Trial of Rennes-, joined here Jorge Casales, which came from setting the best performance of his indoor sports career, achieving a spectacular third place in the past X-Trial of Barcelona, in which he was imposed on Benoit Bincaz in the Final for Third Position.

Together with the two Spaniards, the trio of non-permanent drivers of the championship, the British Toby Martyn, who was thus contesting his second test of this season after having already debuted in Rennes. A Martyn that, by the way, has made its debut in Spain with TRRS, your new brand.

Fajardo, Casales and Martyn have joined here four of the five permanent pilots of the X-Trial 2020Toni Bou, Adam raga, Benoit Bincaz Y Gabriel marcelli-, who are undoubtedly starring in one of the most competitive and even seasons in history.


and Gelabert, replacing Busto

Y Jaime Busto? The pilot of Vertigo, another of the ‘fixed’, this fifth appointment of the X-Trial World Championship 2020 as he was limping from the small injury that occurred in his right knee last weekend during the dispute of the first test of the Spanish Trial Championship 2020 on Aitona, Lleida. A setback that, by the way, will force you to rest for at least the next two weeks.

Third classified in the provisional X-Trial World Championship Until then, Busto was one of the great attractions of the weekend since the event is held just 20 km from its Gorliz native. A real shame for the driver and many local fans, who were hoping to enjoy the unique and aggressive style of their most illustrious countryman.

According to the deadlines established by the doctors, Bust will already be at 100% for the second test of the CET, which will be held in Baiona, Pontevedra the weekend of 14 Y March, 15th.

Bust’s companion in Vertigo, Miquel Gelabert, has been his substitute in the program of Bilbao. Gelabert was sixth in the provisional championship standings, with two fourth places in The meeting Y Rennes as best results of the season.


Winning poker for Bou

The winner of this second date of the FIM X-Trial World Championship to be disputed in Spanish lands after the past 43º Indoor SoloMoto Trial of Barcelona has been…Toni Bou!!

The actual World Champion of the specialty and undisputed leader of 2020 has achieved the fifth win of the year in a X-Trial of Bilbao that has been spectacular, exciting and matched to its last bars.

Again, the 12 + 1 World Champion has seen, for the third consecutive test, how Adam raga I made things very difficult for him until the end.

Raga has achieved the best scores in the first two rounds, beating Bou by 4 and 3 points in each of the cases, but in the final the situation has changed from the third zone in which Bou has penalized 3 points seeing how Raga was charged with a five. They have reached the penultimate section with four points of advantage for the Champion that has given the scare since he has fallen and has been hit by his motorcycle, but Raga has also added five points and the result has been seen for sentence.

The third step of the podium has been occupied by an inspired and effective Benoit Bincaz, who had already signed the third best card in the First Round and has faced Jeroni Fajardo in the fight for third position, penalizing one point less than his rival in the area in which it was decided who would accompany Bou and Raga in the Top3. He is the fifth driver to occupy that position so far this season.

Fajardo had qualified to qualify for third place by time, as he has tied with an effective Marcelli in the Second Round, but has managed to move on by having invested less time than his rival in covering the five zones of the route in which they have tied to 17 points. Jorge Casales, which came to Bilbao with the good taste in his mouth that left him his third position in Barcelona, has been out of the fight for the podium by just three points.

The two drivers eliminated in the First Round have been Toby Martyn Y Miquel Gelabert, who participated replacing the injured Jaime Busto.

The Arena Nova of Wiener Neustadt, in Austria, will be the next for del X-Trial World Championship 2020. The date: next March 21st.


They said so …

Toni Bou (1st):

It was a very demanding and very hard trial until the end and this adds even more value to this fifth consecutive win of the season. In the final maybe I have risked too much at some point and I have suffered a little more than necessary. The season is being very competitive, Adam is competing at a high level and this circumstance makes this victory even more important, which leaves me in an excellent position in the fight for the title ”.

Adam Raga (2nd):

I achieved the best score in the first two rounds of the X-Trial and I was very competitive. In the final, which was very tough and physical, it was harder for me, but I had my options. I am satisfied with this second place and how I am pushing Toni test after test ”.

Benoit Bincaz (3rd):

I am very happy for this first podium of a season in which I started to compete injured. I think that now I am at a good level and I hope this is not the last drawer of the year. In addition, I have repeated the podium in Bilbao in a test that has once again been very selective and demanding ”.


Classification Indoor Trial Bilbao 2020

1. Toni BOU (Montesa-HRC), 9 points FINAL

2. Adam RAGA (TRRS), 13 points FINAL

3. Benoit BINCAZ (Beta), 2 points PODIUM

4. Jeroni FAJARDO (Sherco), 3 points PODIUM

5. Gabriel MARCELLI (Montesa), 17 points ROUND 2

6. Jorge CASALES (GasGas), 25 points ROUND 2

7. Miquel GELABERT (Vertigo), 15 points ROUND 1

8. Toby MARTYN (TRRS), 25 points ROUND 1


This is how the 2020 X-Trial World Championship goes

1. Toni BOU (Montesa-HRC), 100 points

2. Adam RAGA (TRRS), 75 points

3. Jeroni FAJARDO (Sherco), 34 points

4. Benoit BINCAZ (Beta), 28 points

5. Jorge CASALES (GasGas), 28 points

6. Jaime BUSTO (Vertigo), 28 points

7. Gabriel MARCELLI (Montesa), 25 points

8. Miquel GELABERT (Vertigo), 24 points

9. Toby MARTYN (Beta), 2 points

10. Kieran TOULY (Scorpa), 1 points

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