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25 mayo, 2021
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Brarry Sheene, a motorcycle legend.

For many the story of this pilot is already well known, but there will be some for whom it may be something new. But know about the motorcycle legend Barry sheene is the preamble to our next post.


Barry was a great motorcycling racer of British origin, winner of numerous races and two world championships in the 500 cubic centimeter category. United Kingdom champion in the 125cc category at age 20 and the following year he was runner-up in the world in the same category.

In 1976 he won five Grand Prix, which gave him the World Championship in 500 cubic centimeters. Same prize that I won the following year.

One of his peculiarities was that his helmet always featured a cartoon of Donald Duck, and he always distinguished himself with the number 7, which he always wore on the fairing of his motorcycle.

In 1979, he left the official Suzuki team, believing that he was receiving less cutting edge material than his teammates. He became a private Yamaha rider, but soon began receiving official parts. In 1982, a serious accident took him away from the title race and he retired in 1984.

In training at the 1982 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Sheene was miraculously saved from being killed when he crashed a Yamaha at 160 miles per hour.

However, he lasted two more years, until 1984, sixth in the world championship, with 34 points, until his aching body said enough and he retired.

Sheene had an open and charismatic character, every time he won a race he would salute by making the famous V to the cameras, the myth of the biker salute was born that way in England and gradually spread throughout the world until it became a symbol of friendship and cordiality. He was one of the first motorcycle riders to make huge profits from racing. He moved to Australia in the late 1980s, hoping to improve some of the aftermath of his injuries, mainly arthritis. In his later years, Sheene participated in classic motorcycle racing.

Barry died of stomach cancer on March 10, 2003 at the age of 52, leaving a widow (Stephanie) and two children.


Source: Wikipedia

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