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Breakfast in Jocotepec – Pasión Biker

24 mayo, 2021
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This Saturday we decided to shoot to Jocotepec, a municipality of Jalisco on the shores of Lake Chapala, approximately 50 km from Guadalajara, which then becomes ideal for a morning break to have breakfast there.


On this occasion we were accompanied by: Lupita Díaz, Ana Zayas, Omar Jasso and Mariana Torres and we all agreed to see each other at 9:00 am. at the Las Fuentes roundabout located a little before the southern exit of Guadalajara.

The route we took was av. López Mateos to continue on Highway 15 Guadalajara-Morelia, which is in very good condition and has some straights in case you want to step on the accelerator, reminding you that each junction is full of speed bumps. The road was clear so we were able to enjoy the landscapes since in this rainy season everything is green. Simply magnificent!

Arriving in Jocotepec, the streets are in bad shape so be careful with potholes and thus avoid mishaps or scares, like the one Penny took at a traffic light!

We went straight to the center of the town where we met our brothers from «MC Guerrilleros» who brought a very familiar atmosphere on super cute motorcycles and

with whom we had the opportunity to talk and take some pictures before eating something.

This time, we ate at the “Birrlería el Tartamudo” located in front of the main square in the center (you can park your motorcycles right outside so don’t worry about that); the birria is tasty but for my taste it lacked a little flavor. After eating, you could not miss the traditional carafe snow from outside the Señor del Monte temple, which has a great variety of flavors and if you don’t want snow they also sell tejuino. I decided on the tejuino, although later Mariana gave me snow by force since in an oversight she smeared it on my jacket! We then visit the temple and then take a break in the church square.

Already rested and eaten, we resumed the same path to return to Guadalajara, but by the hour there was a lot of traffic at the entrance to the city.

In summary, Jocotepec is an ideal destination for a quick getaway, we left at 10:00 am and were back in Guadalajara at 1:15 pm.

Not bad for a bit of freedom!

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