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CFMoto 1000, tuning the first great Chinese sports car

23 mayo, 2021
cfmoto v02nk 1000

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The well-known Chinese firm, which has a close collaboration with KTM, presented its CFMoto V.02-NK Concept, a motorcycle designed at the Kiska design center near Salzburg, where the KTM and Husqvarna are also projected.

This prototype mounted a KTM LC8 engine, a liquid-cooled 75º V-twin that KTM has produced in various versions over the years, with displacements ranging from 950cc for the first Supermoto to 1,301cc for the current Super Duke R and Adventure.

In the new images that CFMoto has revealed, it is possible to see that the engine that we saw in the V.02-NK Concept has been modified, with cylinder heads that are now different.

cfmoto motor v2 1000
The new LC8 original engine that will mount the CFMoto.

In the V.02-NK, the radiator was located under the tail, as in those Benelli Tornado 1130 of a decade ago, but in the new engine the water pump has the outlet forward, indicating that the radiator will be located on the front.

Also the oil sump is different from that of the Austrian engine.

cfmoto 1000 2
The radiator under the tail in the 2017 V.02-NK Concept.

Apparently, not even the displacement would correspond to that of a current KTM engine, and there is talk of 999 cc for what would be the motorcycle with the largest displacement of the Chinese manufacturer.

Currently the largest powerplant is the parallel twin-cylinder 650, inspired by that of the Kawasaki ER-6, Versys, Z650, etc.

The motorcycles of this Asian brand are well received in several European countries, such as the Netherlands or France, both with regard to their naked and their trail. This CFMoto 1000, if offered at a competitive price, could open the door to other markets for you.

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