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CFMoto Zeeho Cyber, the electric future that comes from China

25 mayo, 2021
cfmoto zeeho electrica 1

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Of course, its electric motor allows it to reach an acceleration that takes it from 0 to 50 km / h in just 2.9 seconds, something that no 125 gasoline scooter is capable of offering and that in the city you would not find a rival. The maximum speed would be limited to 110 km / h and, taking into account these benefits, autonomy would be 130 km. Power could reach peaks of 24 hp and torque 213 Nm, but electronics would be essential to keep performance in place.


The battery is capable of being charged in a 80% on a 30 minute quick charge, which with a little foresight would greatly speed up our day to day. It would be 4 kWh and its useful life would support about 2,500 cycles.


In order to adapt it to our needs, it will have three driving modes: Eco, Sport and Street, something easily adjustable thanks to its large TFT screen. A Bluetooth connection would allow the integration of navigation or audio functions through a smartphone. From what we can see, it will obviously include remote smart key start.


If its design has caught your attention, that has an easy explanation, and that is behind the lines of this CFMoto Zeeho Cyber ​​is the Kiska Design studio, the same ones that shape the KTM. This makes us think that we could be facing a model that could well be the basis of the future electric scooter from Husvarna.

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