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Check your motorcycle’s suspension with these basic tips

25 mayo, 2021
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The suspension is one of the most important and delicate elements of our motorcycle. They are not only responsible for absorbing the irregularities of the terrain on which we pass, if there are potholes, sinks or elevations, but they are also the element that determine our stability, our poise, and ultimately the behavior of the whole bike, and therefore, our own security.

Being motorcyclists we must bear in mind that if we really want to enjoy the motorcycle making the most of it, we need optimal safety and comfort, feeling that the suspension helps us overcome obstacles, increasing traction, taking advantage of the good performance of our suspensions, resulting in It is essential to carry out a good set-up of the damping.


To make sure that the suspensions of our motorcycle are in good condition, the first thing we must do is check that they do not present any type of leak. It is common for fork seals to crack over time or from dirt and for the rods to leak oil.

This is highly dangerous, since in addition to compromising stability and the ability to absorb irregularities, this oil can end up in the brake disc or pads, thus significantly reducing the braking capacity of our motorcycle. Even if the fork problems are solved, if this has happened to us, we must immediately replace the brake pads, as they will have lost their braking ability.


To solve these problems, the solution is to customize the suspension specifically for the user, it is as if we bought a standard suit or one made expressly for our anatomy.

Also consult the recommendations for the type of oil. It is very important to respect the brand that they advise us, the type (normally the ideal is the one marketed by the brand of shock absorbers), the density, as well as the necessary quantity. In case of error or not following the recommendations, possibly the suspension will not work properly, not achieving our purpose.

How the suspension of our motorcycle works:

  • Preload, extension and compression

That movement that allows the suspensions of raising and lowering the motorcycle is its own compression and extension action of suspension springs. At that moment of compression and extension, three parameters intervene that we can regulate: preload, extension and compression:

– Preload

When we talk about the preload of a shock absorber we refer to the preload to which its spring is subjected. That is, a pressure that we force even when the suspension does not have to go into operation.

This spring load determines the suspension working height, because with it we lengthen or shorten the length of the spring, and with it its path when compressed and stretched.

– Extension

As you know, the immediate reaction of a spring that has been compressed is tend to spread immediately. It is the speed of recovery of the fork or the shock absorber when trying to return to its original position once it has been compressed.

– Compression

It is the opposite effect of the extension. It is the parameter that cControls the speed at which the fork spring or rear shock is compressed. That is to say, at what speed the motorcycle from the front sinks when braking, or from behind when accelerating. A too hard setting will leave excessively dry and jerky reactions, while one that is too soft will leave the appearance of rocking movements and lack of firmness.

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