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Children’s and electric trial bikes

23 mayo, 2021
motos trial infantiles electricas 1

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Technological evolution and the proliferation of new aspects in the context of off-road motorcycles have promoted the options for children to be able to start in an increasingly safe and efficient format. In this report, where we have the collaboration of young talents such as Nacho, Álvaro and Tommy, we will squeeze the benefits of the latest generation of electric powered trial children’s bikes with two of the most evolved brands Oset and Torrot. The chosen models cover all childhood: Oset Bikes 12.5, 16 and 20.0R Torrot T10 and T12 Kids.

The reason for electric motors for motorcycles

Children's Electric Trials Motorcycles

Going back to the origins of children’s trial motorcycles we find emblematic models such as the Montesa Cota 25 and 49 (70s) and the Minitrial Beta (80s and 90s), both with a 2T gasoline engine.

These are two examples that symbolize what was the most logical access to the field motorcycle in previous decades. Both were motorcycles with a weight of around forty kilos and a truly mediocre cycle part. The suspensions had very short travels, were slow to respond and the bikes barely braked. The chassis, on the other hand, had very different geometries to those of today, with a raised position of the stirrups and more forward. In addition, in the case of the Minitrial, the engine was a Morini Franco with slow response and difficult power to manage with precision.

Today the market that represents the initiation to the field motorcycle is practically taken over by electric models. Since Ian Smith, founder of Oset Bikes, manufactured a prototype electric motor for his son Oliver in 2004, the market has undergone a profound evolution that has unleashed a very high specialization and the proliferation of new versions to cover wide spectra of age that They range from 3 to beyond 14 years.

Advantages of trial electrics

Throughout this decade, the advantages of electric motorcycles for motorcycles have been more than demonstrated. initiation to the field motorcycle. Let’s review them.
In the first place, because the diversity of models and brands allows adapting the characteristics of the model to the demand of the pilot. In general, the learning stages can be divided into three moments: 3-4 years, 5-6 years and 7-9 years. As the ages advance, the dimensions of the wheels grow, the suspension travel increases and the components of the entire cycle part improve.

Electric trial osset

Secondly, because, regardless of when the first contact arrives, electric motors allow configure your features practically à la carte. They can usually be regulated in terms of power, throttle response, and speed. In the case of the Torrot, they also have a switch that immediately reduces the parameters that we have previously recorded with the software to 50 percent.

All this allows a 6-year-old with experience and another without it to be able to use the same motorcycle safely by modifying a few simple parameters.

Third, for the great advances in all the components of the cycle part. If we add some last generation braking and suspension components to a set that adds up to just over thirty kilos, duly adapted to the weight of its riders, we have an even more efficient set.

Torrot Trial Electric

First steps with your electric motorcycle: The advice of Trialworld School

After more than five years starting and training children at Trialworld School, where we also offer the rental service of electric children’s motorcycles, we have verified the great advantages it has trial as a specialty for initiation into the world of motorcycles.

The first great question of parents is, normally, when the ideal moment arrives to initiate them. It is useless to project our ambitions and desires onto children. The moment to start evaluating initiation is simply when the child asks for it. In the meantime, we can motivate your attention by attending events or competitions, something that will undoubtedly accelerate your instinct and concern about the motorcycle.

What bike do I choose and how do I start the little ones?

The first big mistake is look for a motorcycle larger than the one that corresponds to it in order to extend its use until the next stage. In this case, the child is in his first contact with a motorcycle in which he is unable to project security and confidence. If we are lucky, he will end up gaining that confidence, but if he doesn’t, we probably won’t have a second chance to build his hobby. That is, it does not matter to burn the stages too quickly, the important thing is to overcome them.

Children's Electric Osset Trial

The second big tip is that children learn by playing. You should never try to demand more from them than necessary, but rather transform learning into a game, with obstacles or any element that allows the child to have fun. In the end, you will learn by dedicating hours of training and working on your technique. For this to happen, it is essential that there is motivation.

The third and last big tip is to try for children to hang out with other children. At Trialworld School we have verified that motorcycle technique is also learned by imitation and if the reference is also a child, even better. If you are frustrated as a parent because your child listens to everyone except you, don’t worry, it’s the law of life. Trial schools or amateur competitions are a perfect environment to mix with more parents in the same circumstances and create new bonds.

In short, the new generation of children’s models with electric propulsion, such as the Oset Bikes or Torrot, are an excellent platform for immersion in the world of motorcycles with total safety and the guarantee of learning that evolves according to your needs.

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