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23 mayo, 2021
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Chopper bikes appeared at late 60’s, they are practically the evolution of the calls Bobber which are a model that emerged after the Second World War, due to the desire of the former military to have lighter and faster motorcycles than commercial motorcycles such as the Harley-Davison of those times.

A chopper is a modified factory motorcycle, although today they are very popular and are at the top of modified motorcycles to the extent that the manufacturer brands have already ended up accepting them, in the beginning it was more difficult to get the parts, so the best option was to manufacture them under the concept “To chop” or “to bob”, (cut and remove).


The style is totally minimalist, they are characterized by having a very long fork, low seat, generally long and high handlebars, they have smaller fuel tanks and are generally chrome-plated on all possible parts, (the more gloss the better). Another characteristic feature is that of the tires, the front is smaller and thinner, while the rear is wider.


We leave you a video where several very peculiar and representative models of this type of motorcycle are shown. It is a community located in Yokohama that really loves chopper motorcycles.

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