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Colton Haaker, victory in the German Super Enduro

25 mayo, 2021
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The second round of the Superenduro World Championship was held in the town of Reisa (Germany). With the absence of Blazusiak, retired after the first round of the Championship, Colton Haaker took the victory with Husqvarna, ahead of the KTMs of Alfredo Gómez and Jonny Walker. Haaker’s victory was also in a resounding way, because he also managed to prevail in all three rounds, always with Gómez or Walker at the wheel. Haaker is the new leader of the provisional classification.

In order to Colton haaker: “It has been something incredible what we have experienced today in Germany and to be now leader of the Championship. To be honest, I did not feel very well tonight on the German track, but I have still run well for most of the races. I had some good starts and I managed to do some very fast laps, which resulted in these results. I have had some discomfort in my arm, but it has not prevented me from being well most of the time “

Haaker has been training hard after the test in Poland, but the rains that have been very persistent in California have flooded his training track, “so I had to go to train in the hills near my house, something that It was not a bad idea, but something affected my arm ”. Haaker will soon participate in the X Games and will train thoroughly for the third round of the Championship to be held in Spain.

Alfredo Gomez, Super Enduro from Germany

For its part, Alfredo Gomez He was also happy with his results on the German track technique. “I am happy with the results of the second round of the Super Enduro World Championship. I felt very comfortable after the three finals, and I achieved good results in the finals. I have changed the routes I did in qualifying a bit and this has helped me a lot in the finals, which has allowed me to be in front of Jonny Walker, who has been pushing me a lot at all times ”.

The Spanish Mario Roman he was fourth in Germany, achieving his best result so far, followed by Austrian Pascal Rauchenecker.

Eloi SalsenchSpanish rider from Beta Trueba also achieved his best result so far in the Superenduro World Championship by achieving a creditable sixth place finish.

The worst news was for the current Spanish champion of Superenduro, Joan Pau-Segura (Gas Gas), who suffered a fall at the beginning of the first heat causing a deep cut in his hand that forced him to withdraw. Cheers from Enduropro and we hope we can see you in action very soon

In the provisional classification Colton Haaker leads with 117 points, followed by Alfredo Gómez (95 points), Jonny Walker (93 points), Mario Román (59 points) and Taddy Blazusiak (58 points).

In the Junior category the victory went to the hands of the Yamaha rider Blake Gutzeit, followed by the Spanish Nacho Fernández with Sherco and David Cyprianm with KTM. This second position of “Nachete” Fernández is very meritorious, since he managed to sneak with authority among the Junior elite.

Super Enduro Classification Germany Junior category

  1. Blake Gutzeit, Yamaha, 57 points
  2. Ignacio Fernández, Sherco, 34 points
  3. David Cyprian, KTM, 34 points
  4. Gethin Humphreys, Husqvarna, 33 points
  5. Lee Sealey, Yamaha, 32 points

Super Enduro classification Germany, Prestige category

  1. Colton Haaker, Husqvarna, 63 points
  2. Alfredo Gómez, KTM, 50 points
  3. Jonny Walker, KTM, 49 points
  4. Mario Roman, Sherco, 37 points
  5. Pascal Rauchenecker, Husqvarna, 35 points
  6. Eloi Salsench, Beta, 26 points

Provisional classification of the Super Enduro World Championship

  1. Colton Haaker, 117 points
  2. Alfredo Gómez, 95 points
  3. Jonny Walker, KTM, 93 points
  4. Mario Roman, Sherco, 59 points
  5. Tadeusz Blazusiak, KTM, 58 points

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