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Comparison: BMW R nineT vs Triumph Thruxton R

25 mayo, 2021
bmw vs triumph 10

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I wouldn’t consider her a veteran, only three years ago since her first appearance, but his success is indisputable. The R nineT has managed to position itself as BMW’s fourth best-selling motorcycle, by its design, by its behavior, by its know-how, because you would stare at it for hours or because of the deep purr of the boxer engine. Whatever it is, the R nineT grabs you and won’t let you get away.

It is without a doubt a motorcycle that we would all like to have in our garage. One of those motorcycles that you want to be impeccable, to shine every time you go out with it because you know that, if you park it on a terrace next to you, people will look at it and even a curious person will ask you about it. They are not assumptions, it really has happened to me.

Make it unique and enjoy

The R nineT has been in recent years one of the most personalized motorcycles by motorcycle preparers. Not only because of how well almost any preparation fits, it is a motorcycle that accepts everything without complaint, but because in itself, BMW offers this possibility to make yours a unique motorcycle, different from the rest. The nineT was born with that idea, easy to customize to your liking, with a multitude of possibilities.

bmw vs triumph 10

Well, we already have it customized to our liking. After that, you just have to enjoy. It is one of those motorcycles that, by the simple fact of being mounted on top, already causes you a smile. If once assembled you have not succeeded, calm down, the sound of the boxer twin when starting will do it. The arrangement of the cylinders makes it wiggle from side to side when pressing the ignition button, something that also happens if we accelerate from idle. Driving position It is, for my taste, perfect. Narrow seat that allows you to reach the ground without problems, wide handlebars and a slightly leaning forward position. This causes a posture that goes with the line of the motorcycle. Aggressive, on the attack, alert, but elegant at the same time Is there anything better than riding a custom motorcycle, enjoying every meter you ride?

The pleasure of driving

You know what you see from the outside, its aesthetic is indisputable, but the nineT is not just a pretty face. It is not a motorcycle in which high performance is sought, but the quality of its components and the combination of all its parts ensure that you enjoy riding at all times.

bmw vs triumph 9

When you get on the nineT, your body asks you to enjoy yourself and believe me it will. The 1,170cc boxer engine produces a whopping 110 hp and a not inconsiderable torque of 119 Nm. Driving is generally smooth, thanks among other things to the cardan. But if you want adrenaline, the nineT delivers it from the bottom of the tach. To enjoy it, you don’t have to go fast, it changes direction without flinching and it is firm when cornering. The center of gravity is very low and creates a sense of security and enormous poise at all times.

This helps, of course, the fork, inherited from the Superbike S1000RR, although somewhat simpler and without the possibility of being regulated. Maybe it will be missed if we increase the pace on twisty roads, but I insist, it is one of those motorcycles that will not ask you to open gas to enjoy, no matter how much the purr of its engine asks you to. The brakes are at the same level as the rest of the bike, riding a few 320mm discs bitten by four-piston Brembo calipers. Braking is firm and powerful and, thanks to ABS, you can squeeze the lever hard without fear of falling.

BMW has not wanted to skimp on anything to get a unique motorcycle, with a lot of personality, very customizable and that offers sensations from the moment you get on it.

bmw vs triumph 6

I recently had a conversation with a friend; He told me that both the nineT and the Thruxton R are motorcycles that he would have when he was 50 years old, to go for walks, to park on terraces, to go to work at the office … -Really? Why wait so long? If you like it, buy it- I said. I don’t think they are motorcycles that have to be associated with a certain age, but rather with a lifestyle. It is clear that for the price they cost, you have to think about it, it is a great investment, but they are also great motorcycles. If you like them for their aesthetics, for their engine, for their possibility of customization, for their sound or for everything they contribute and symbolize, go for them, you will not regret it.

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