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Comparison: KTM 390 Duke vs Yamaha MT-03

23 mayo, 2021
comparativa ktm 390 duke vs yamaha mt 03 4

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When we go out to make curves and to test it in urban environments with a certain grace, it is when both frames take off their chests. The KTM with its inverted fork, tubular frame and radial front brake pad makes that at first glance you surrender to its components. It is true that in Austria they never leave anything to chance and if they can equip their motorcycles with first-class equipment they will. Obviously we are not facing the 690 Duke R, but within its segment it is a privilege to have that front end. That is noticeable in hard braking and especially when tackling corner sections with a certain salt shaker. It is very short of axles and the changes of direction are immediate and very precise. In addition, its driving posture encourages you to go on the attack with its wide handlebars, high footpegs and quite set back. The seat is higher than on the Yamaha so if you are small you will notice it.

comparativa ktm 390 duke vs yamaha mt 03 4

The MT-03 inherits the cycle part of the R3, Yamaha’s medium-displacement sports car. It is absolutely the same except for the handlebar that makes us carry an upright and comfortable posture. The fork is conventional and its two-piston floating front caliper, but when push comes to shove it is as good as the Austrian. It is a very noble motorcycle and it handles very comfortably in any field, even looking to its limits we find a difficult machine to beat. We really liked that combination of comfort and good performance. Braking is more progressive than on the KTM and less accurate, but pressing the lever hard meets the mark. The same can be said for the fork and its rear shock. Kayaba makes sure that the MT-03 reads the asphalt in the best way. In addition, this motorcycle has a plus with its great autonomy. Its ridiculous fuel consumption and its 14-liter tank mean that we can exceed 300 km without refueling without any problem.

comparativa ktm 390 duke vs yamaha mt 03 3

What is your motorcycle?

It is a difficult choice. The price is practically the same (€ 4,990 for the KTM and € 4,999 for the Yamaha) and its performance is similar, but we will give you some keys:

If you are looking for performance, a more radical aesthetic, a motorcycle that is more immediate in its reactions and with a marked racing flavor, yours is the one. KTM.

If you are looking for a more friendly motorcycle but at the same time with character, sweeter in its engine response and with an imposing but not radical image, yours in the Yamaha.

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