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Comparison of 125 cc scooters for 3,000 euros: mediocre aurea

23 mayo, 2021
comparativo scooters 125 3000 euros 3

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Aurea Mediocritas. This Latin phrase perfectly describes what the five protagonists of this comparison of scooters 125 cc for 3,000 euros, for its ability to provide us with that happiness that comes with a quiet life or at its midpoint.

They are not the height of luxury nor are they limited to offering us the basic functions, but for just 3,000 euros they can satisfy the needs and expectations of a large part of users.

That average virtue does not mean mediocrity, as the title that presides over these lines might suggest. Rather, it is a degree that is very difficult to achieve.

It is always much easier to create a model that includes the latest technologies, the latest accessories and the latest generation materials. The maximum exponent.

On the other hand, if what we want is to meet a minimum without too many headaches, we only have to use the simplest, cheapest and most proven components. We put together a simple basic puzzle and we have already achieved our goal.


But in the present case, the brands have tried to strike that fine balance between an affordable price and far more than worthy performance at all levels.

The good thing about it is that to achieve this moderate virtue, a great variety of paths have been chosen, each brand seeks its own interpretation of that luminous point equidistant between the greatest exponent and the least common.

This exploration of possibilities has resulted in a rich variety of solutions that give each of our protagonists personality. In this way, its mediocrity shines with its own light.

On the one hand, we have Peugeot and Piaggio, who choose to offer scooters with high wheels and dimensions typical of a medium size usual, each with its own particular stamp, but both very close in behavior and performance.

On the other hand, Sling chooses to recreate your SH phenomenon Y reduce size and equipment to bring it closer to a wider audience, with a special nod to the female segment.

Daelim, however, takes the opposite path, with a GT conception which makes it the line bus of our quintet, while Yamaha offers your cfor more sporty with a dynamic specimen, designed to be the most agile and fastest in the city.


And all this with a horizon delimited by those 3,000 euros that we have proposed as a border. An elastic zone that in the end could be the definitive argument for many, since the differences between the cheapest and the most expensive are just over 400 euros. An important peak that will give food for thought.

At your own pace

Those conceptual differences are clearly reflected in their appearance, which takes us from an image more classic in the case of SH Mode with its unmistakable silhouette heritage of more than thirty years of history Scoopy to the more modern of the N-Max or the Steezer, framed in the latest trends in urban scooters.

In the little Sling details such as the lock, equipped with magnetic lock for the key, or a comfortable switch to open the seat. Under the seat, in addition to the hollow for helmet, you have access to a simple report cap that does not have a hinge.

Medley and Peugeot share that segment of high wheel with the SH, but from a somewhat more voluminous perspective. The Piaggio maintains that image that defines the brand’s models so well and offers a ample space for pilot and passenger with good handles and comfortable footpegs.

The Peugeot stands out for its flat floor and the inclusion of a practical rear top case as standard that comes with a comfortable backrest for the passenger to rest their back.


The N-Max silhouette makes your approach clear more dynamic and sporty, which follows in the wake of the brand’s top, the T-Max. Includes brush strokes such as magnetically blinded ignition lock, but its more spartan spirit is noticeable in details such as the open glove compartments or the fairer space reserved for the passenger.

Regarding the Steezer, thanks to its GT style, mixed with certain sporty airs in the design, it is able to offer brushstrokes such as the remote smart key, the comfortable padded backrest for the passenger, the electric seat opening or rear and daytime lighting by LEDs.

This last technology is also present at the daylight of the Belville and the MedleyIn addition, the latter also incorporates it in its rear light. The SH Mode It is the most traditional and bypass the LEDs, in contrast to the N-Max, the only one to offer a headlight full led.

125 peculiarities

We see a lot of variety so far; however, in the mechanical aspect, the starting point is common to all, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engines, with the radiator positioned on the left side, as marked by the latest trends. And so far the similarities.

It is clear that each brand has its own ideas of what is required to give life to models of these characteristics and, for example, both Honda like Piaggio have believed that, being essentially urban scooters, they had to provide them with a tool that reduces consumption and emissions to the maximum.


The result is that the SH Mode has the system Idle stop, and the Medley, with its version Start & stop. The first is so smooth and instantaneous that it goes completely unnoticed; Its stop and start is so natural that it seems like a lifelong thing and, in the case of the second, the only difference is that it takes a little longer to come to life, although it is just as satisfying.

The rest each contributes its own peculiarities. The Peugeot SmartMotionFor example, it has tried to reduce internal friction as much as possible to reduce consumption; the N-Max employs a sophisticated variable distribution and the Steezer, a four-valve cylinder head powered by a Delphi injection.

The final power It will not be the definitive element that differentiates them, since in all cases the final cavalry is around 12 CV, more than enough to perform with solvency on a day-to-day basis.

Big and small

It is dynamically obvious that each of these scooters wage war on their own, although we can distinguish two sides easily.

On the one hand, we have the participants of long legs, Honda, Piaggio and Peugeot, and on the other to those of shorter steps, Daelim and Yamaha.


The SH Mode It could be said that it is the paradigm of high wheels, although its combination is really 16 inches in front and 14 in rear, a set that has already proven to be very effective. For what to braking is concerned, has an effective CBS system, which combines a front disc and a rear drum with a somewhat vintage flavor.

Similar cocktail wheels use the Belville and the Medley – proof of your solvency -, only that in your case they are further in braking and both models offer a ABS anti-lock system, in addition to riding, of course, discs on both the front and rear axles.

In turn, the other two models that opted for smaller diameter wheels differ in their solutions, since the Steezer prefer to use 14-inch wheels on both trains and disc brakes, but offers the possibility to choose between combined braking or ABS. The difference is obviously reflected in its final price.

Meanwhile, the N-Max lower the height with tires of 13 inches, both front and rear, and directly equips a ABS system for your double disc assembly.

Final decision

Against this background, there were many expectations to try to solve the enigma: what would be the winner of this comparison of 125 cc scooters for 3,000 euros, in a full day hard work touring the city?


The solution was not easy, since each opponent brings different nuances that not all of us value in the same way; however, we will try to shed light on the matter.

It is very clear that larger sizes will opt for larger volume models, Peugeot, Piaggio or Daelim. While, the shorter ones will opt for the comfort of smaller models, As the SH Mode or the N-Max.

East last is the most sporty, with an immediate touch of gas, good acceleration and a proverbial agility to navigate through traffic. It is very stable and maintains an acceptable tip if we go to faster routes.


Anyway, nsome of them have been designed with long journeys in mind and their final speed, which is around 100 km / hIt is the right one for ring roads and small intercity routes, but little else.

In the case of SH Mode, we are in front of the model simpler and more elegant, all smooth running, it hardly makes noise and the touch is exquisite. Despite having a single rear shock absorber, it does not clash and maintains trajectories well while remaining comfortable.

With the Medley we entered the field of the most voluminous, what they provide more motorcycle sensations, with an engine that pushes well and brilliant braking, while the suspensions maintain a good balance between softness and effectiveness.

Next to him the Belville, with a good acceleration and a slightly harder suspension setting, but without ceasing to be effective. They both move with ease, though they are not so buzzing like the Yamaha or the Honda.


A peculiarity of the Peugeot is that the indicators have an acoustic warning and are noticed every time they are activated. Regarding the Steezer, it is the one that offers the best protection, since it is the only one that has a high screen and the one that allocates more space to pilot and passenger. Although its braking is powerful, it is the touch on the right lever somewhat imprecise and, due to its dimensions, it is the one who suffers the most in traffic jams.


The final summary does not throw a clear winner, as is usual, but it does make the intentions of each one very clear and, what is more important, the decision will always remain in our hands, according to our tastes and needs.

If you want to go quickly and efficiently from A to B, the Yamaha is the choice; if you want move nimbly with some cargo, Peugeot or Piaggio they will fill you; but if what you are looking for is ccomfort and spaciousness, the Daelim is your choice, while the Sling It will be for those who want the refinement and classy mobility.

Scooters one by one

Daelim Steezer 125 S CBS


The bulkiest of the comparative and with a markedly GT style, the Steezer prioritizes functional aspects over dynamic aspects and is better suited to larger sizes. Nor does it renounce multiple practical details and a mechanics that perfectly complies with the Euro 4 standard.

In favor: Its great capacity to …

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