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Comparison: Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 vs Royal Enfield Continental GT

25 mayo, 2021
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One step beyond the Royal Enfield Bullet Classic is the Continental GT. It is the model of sportier spirit among the Royal Enfield, the one that has a Café Racer soul inside, the one that can boast of more than just an engine, a little more complete equipment and a completely different design.

On it the posture is more sporty and less comfortable than in the Classic, but never without being radical. In this case, your seat does not have springs and that is noticeable if you get off one and get on another. That and its semi-handlebars, of course. As you can see, it is also a single-seater, but the seat cover can be removed and thus we can have a passenger behind us.

It is another philosophy, its engine is a single cylinder 535 cc, also air-cooled, and its power slightly higher than the Classic, its 29 hp He has a 2 advantage over his sister in comparison. This and the very concept of the whole motorcycle allows it to reach a somewhat higher top speed, up to 30 km / h more, and also with a lower vibration ration than in the Classic, so if what you are looking for is roll minimally fast On the open road the Continental GT has more to offer. To achieve the same speed as the Classic, its engine needs to be less forced, that is noticeable and appreciated.

compa royal 04 0

His cafe racer design It can confuse you a bit, you may want to go fast, to maintain a sporty driving, but as soon as you discover how soon the engine ignition cut comes in the moment you get a little excited … you realize that you are getting hotter than you should and that you are asking this Royal for more than it can really offer.

It handles with agility, it is super compact and if you are especially big you can feel a bit stuck. Its cycle part is at the height of its performance, that is, if you squeeze the performance of the engine you can compromise the behavior of the suspensions and the bite of the brakes, so that all of it will be more comfortable, and you too, if you keep the rhythm this Continental GT was actually designed for, which is rather quiet. Keep in mind that the components are not exactly current, so do not propose to ask them the same as a motorcycle developed today.

The finishes, as in the Classic, are quite fair, but it is in that “justor” where its charm lies. You have a Royal Enfield, a legend on wheels, a motorcycle to which you forgive everything because you know it is about a historical motorcycle, a motorcycle that you will show off, that will attract all eyes and with which you will certainly never go unnoticed.

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