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Continental has introduced six new motorcycle models in three different segments

25 mayo, 2021
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ContiRaceAttack 2: The more ¨racing¨ of the three, developed for lovers of velocity and the circuits. Replaces ContiRaceAttack Comp and also has the compound BlackChili what provides stability Y grip.

contiraceattack 2 medium


TKC70 Rocks: A novelty in the trail segment, the TCK70 Rocks this based on the famous TKC70 although now the central band is divided into studs thus generating better off-road traction.
We can say that it is half way between the TKC80 and TKC70 being more off road than the latter and with better performance than the former on the road.

tkc 70 rocks


ContiRoad: Intended for Sport Touring segment, is designed in Germany and it is a nimble tire standing between the ContiRoadAttack 3 and its predecessor the ContiRoadAttack 2.
This makes the ¨Evo¨ model disappear but in their catalog they still keep the veteran ContiMotion.


ContiStreet: Designed and intended for motorcycles of low displacement, it is a tire with a diagonal structure that replaces the ContiGo! (City)
Continental promises confidence, grip and durability.


Continenthe produces on Asia Y designs in Germany, in order to Martin Burdof, Director of Sales and Marketing of Continental Motorcycle Tires this is important and expresses it.

“Our quality label Designed in Germany (“Engineered in Germany”) represents a combination between the experience of the design in Korbach (Germany) and the precision of manufacture in Asia, which ensures that we will be able to meet the challenge of producing a large additional volume, and of excellent quality ”.

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