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Couples plans for Valentine’s Day: Celebrate love

25 mayo, 2021
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The “Staycation” it comes with force to stay. It is nothing other than something like “vacation at home” and the hotels in the cities, due to the COVID crisis, are taking packs with very succulent offers so that the people of the city can spend a dream night together with spa-like experiences or epicurean dinners.


A plan that can be perfect to celebrate the day of love is visit the corners of your city you haven’t seen for years: that museum you haven’t visited in a long time, that appetizer that you savor while you remember how you met and a meal at your favorite restaurant. All this on a motorcycle. Together or each in their own.


Another even cheaper plan is to get away from the city and, with a plaid blanket under your arm, surprise your partner with a impromptu picnic while enjoying good views with the motorcycle (s) as part of the setting.


But for all those who prefer not to leave home, we also have a plan “COVID free”. Plan a day from start to finish that includes breakfast in bed, motorcycle route without stopping until you return home, recipes for cooking as a couple, good wines and better talk. Cooking together with a glass of wine will make you forget about the problems out there. And why not, the day can end watching one of the many biker movies that have been made throughout history …


Plans for all tastes and pockets, but always to celebrate and be aware of how important love is in our life. And hey, if it has to be Valentine’s that reminds us that we must pamper and be detailed with our partner it is already a cause for celebration.

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