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Cross Country Guadalajara: Santolino strengthens the leadership

24 mayo, 2021

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With about 160 participants, the historic MC Alcarreño has organized the third race of the National Cross Country, with a very beautiful route and with many fans cheering on the pilots …

The race started at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. In the category Senior has taken the victory Lorenzo Santolino. It is the third race he has won at the National Cross Country and the absence of Oriol Mena today makes him the best driver of this Championship in 2014. With Lorenzo they have been on the podium Borja Llosa as a second and Carlos Caballero as a third party.

On Junior the Quer brothers they have occupied the first two positions. Jordi has won and Ramón has been second. Heriberto Cruz He has accompanied them in the drawers of honor.

On Senior B 2T Alejandro Andreu has repeated victory in this category and is accommodated in the leadership. Luis Alberto Parrilla was second and Josu Artola third. On Senior B 4T David Del Campo, Andrés Bernadaus and Xavier Abasolo have crowned in Guadalajara while in Master’s degree they have done Francisco Left, José Vázquez and José Luis Izquierdo.

On Veteran has expired Agustin Caneda, Felipe González had to settle for second position and Manuel Froufe for third.

On Female we have had three brave men who have done a great job. Arantxa Belda has once again shown itself as the best in this specialty. Elia Gibert was second and Sandra Polo, who has just come out of an injury, third.

The last test of this edition of the National Cross Country will be held on March 16 in Cartaya, Huelva, with the organization of the Andalusian Motorcycling Federation.

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