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Crosshelmet X1: the helmet of the future

25 mayo, 2021
crosshelmet 02

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It is no longer rare to find new news about “Helmets of the future” And it is that, although indeed its design seems to have been taken from a movie with spaceships, the reality is that the great novelty of the Crosshelmet X1 it is inside.

Crosshelmet arrived through Kickstarter with a crowdfunding campaign that in just a few days has already far exceeded the funds it needed to become a reality, and this Tokyo invention has not left anyone indifferent.

Crosshelmet X1

We are facing a case that can boast of offering a 360º field of view. To achieve this, it uses a camera that watches the rear and a small transparent screen folding that hangs down to the height of our forehead and from which we can receive information with a simple movement of the eyes. This small camera covers an angle of 170º of what happens behind us and records with a resolution of 1280×720 px.

Since we have a screen, why not take advantage of it for more things? In addition to ending blind spots, the helmet can offer us all kinds of information, such as GPS navigation, compass, weather forecast… The options can be endless. Everything, of course, can be connected to your SmartphoneEither iOS or Android. Of course, it also allows communication with the helmet and with other colleagues with the same helmet.


CrossSound Control: control of ambient noise

Another feature of the CrossHelmet X1 is its CrossSound Control system. With it and aided by a four-channel filter we can choose which sounds we want to silence and which we do want to reach us to be able to listen to them with greater attention. The selection can be made from an App on the mobile, so that we can save our configuration for different situations in which we want to avoid the noise of the wind or that of cars, but we do allow that of a horn or a siren. We choose.

Crosshelmet X1

Its shape has been designed to allow the widest viewing angle possible and it certainly couldn’t be more futuristic. Of course, the brand talks about a weight of 1,780 gr, somewhat heavy if we compare it with a common integral, but light if we take into account all the technology that hides inside.

Its price? It is scheduled to go on the market at a price of $ 1,799, just over 1,500 euros.

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