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Dakar 18: The game that recreates the spirit of adventure

25 mayo, 2021
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The open world of Dakar 18 has 15,000 square kilometers, which includes all the stages, going through sand, mud or stone and with a variable climate system, as well as day and night phases. “We also want to make sure that we not only owe ourselves to the Dakar fan community, but we have to start by starting what the Dakar is for everyone,” he said. Paolo J. Gomes, Game Director, on developing a game that would serve even those seeking the most realism in driving simulation.

There will also be repairing the vehicle, taking them out of the dunes or asking for help are some of the things we will have to do if we suffer a mishap. Likewise, Dakar 18 has individual modalities but also online multiplayer. In short, a race of pure survival in which to have all five senses activated to finish. Get ready! Your adventure through the deserts of Argentina, Peru and Bolivia begins today.

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