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Dakar Rally 2020: Stage by stage

24 mayo, 2021
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2nd Stage. 06/01/2020
Al Wajh – Neom, 401 km – SS: 367 km

Its many stretches made the day’s challenge technically accessible. But the specifics of Saudi shipping are beginning to show. New benchmarks must be set when the variety of tracks causes confusion. For motorcycles and quads it is also the first part of the “super marathon” stage.

3rd Stage. 01/07/2020
Neom – Neom, 489 km – SS: 404 km

The exit loop of the future megalopolis of Neom is a gem. Taking the participants to the confines of the Jordanian border, the rally proposes a succession of canyons and mountains that they will explore on a sand carpet. In this special, the Dakar will rise to its highest point: 1,400 meters above sea level.

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4th Stage. 01/08/2020
Neom – Al Ula, 676 km – SS: 453 km

The menu alternates sandy steps and paved sections in equal parts, all on generally rolled tracks. However, speed should not be confused with acceleration, as the hard navigation will make a clear selection. On the connecting section, antique lovers will be able to pull out their camera for an up-close look at the Nabataean temples.

5th Stage. 01/09/2020
Al Ula – Ha’il, 563 km – SS: 353 km

In the sandy landscape of the day, especially voluminous rocks will serve as a reference point to avoid navigation failures that can cost expensive. Less technical, but just as impressive as the dunes, gigantic sand hills will rise before the riders. The descents, sometimes dotted by isolated bushes, will require further fine-tuning of the ride.


6th Stage. 01/10/2020
Ha’il – Riyadh, 830 km – SS: 478 km

The landscape change is radical. This time, the special is 100% sand and off-piste.
After a rather fast first part, the dune experts will have a certain advantage. Especially those pilots who have forged their driving skills in the Sahara desert. After … a well deserved rest.

Day of rest. 01/11/2020

The large orchards that gave the city its name in the 18th century (the capital is literally called “the gardens”) have given way to an urban fabric that extends over more than 1,500 km2 (compared to the 105 km2 of Paris or 203 km2 of Buenos Aires) and welcomes more than six million inhabitants. The population explosion observed in the capital since the 70s has been accompanied by the construction of several majestic skyscrapers with innovative architecture such as the Al-Faisaliyah Tower (267 m), the Kingdom Center (302 m) or the Burj Rafal (307 m ).

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7th Stage. 01/12/2020
Riyadh – Wadi Al-Dawasir, 741 km – SS: 546 km

The return to work imposes… the longest stage of the Dakar is also one of the most varied. Dunes scattered throughout the route that must be approached while crossing small strips of dunes of several kilometers. In between, the off-piste and sectors alternate in which the numerous crossings will demand maximum concentration from the co-drivers. Slowly but surely!

8th Stage. 01/13/2020
Wadi Al-Dawasir – Wadi Al-Dawasir, 713 km – SS: 474 km

The circuit of the day allows to turn the odyssey towards the south.
There the participants will move through mountain landscapes, canyons and surprising contrasts of colors: black stones on white sand, for example … Lovers of pure speed will be able to unleash their passion with a 40-kilometer stretch in a straight line that they can travel at full throttle. The dune strips of the day will demand extraordinary skill.

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Stage 9. 01/14/2020
Haradh – Shubaytah, 608 km – SS: 534 km

The marathon stage imposes mastery of the most important quality for a Rally-Raid pilot: endurance management. The special of the first part immerses the drivers and their crews in the immense off-piste esplanades of the “Empty Quarter”. It is necessary not to lose time since the last 30 kilometers are entirely traced between dunes.
And the night is falling fast! Upon arrival, only attendance between participants is allowed.

10th Stage – 01/15/2020
Shubaytah – Haradh, 744 km – SS: 379 km

Attentive to the views: the day begins with a show that stretches for 80 kilometers through the most beautiful dunes in the country. An extension in which it will be risky to stay too long in the sand, in a spectator position. Next, the participants will roll in the footsteps of the pioneers who explored the region in search of black gold. End of the marathon stage.


11th Stage – 01/16/2020
Haradh – Qiddiya, 447 km – SS: 374 km

Serenity will be the best ally in this last stage in which the positions at the top of the hierarchy can still change completely. In the last hundred kilometers the track games return that will have already caused serious headaches to the sailors the week before. You have to be careful! A 20 km special, which will not affect the general classification, will also designate the winner of the “Qiddiya Trophy” just before going up to the final podium.

January 17. Goal and final podium

The Dakar will be the first world-class sporting event to be hosted by Qiddiya, a city whose construction began in 2018 with an eye toward culture and entertainment. Just 40 kilometers from Riyadh, this vast complex will include an amusement park, leisure centers, state-of-the-art sports facilities and multidisciplinary arts centers. Opening to the public is scheduled for 2022.


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