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Danny McCanney: “I know I can handle the top 3!”

25 mayo, 2021
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What are your expectations for the EnduroGP and E3 season?

“I want to win races! I know I can and I feel like this year is my best chance to do it, and that’s what I’m going to aim for for the rest of the season.

Speaking of Steve Holcombe, he’s been awesome in Germany … how can you stop him?

“Steve was very strong in Germany and I know that I still have to improve in some points of my riding. I won an Enduro Test which shows that I am capable of being at the front. It is the best start to the season I have had since I won the Enduro Junior World Championship in 2014 “.

We know that you are training a lot with David Knight on the Isle of Man. Did you have anything to do with his return to the World Championship?

“It is clear that Knight loves competition very much, and that is a perfect reason for him to return to the Open Cup of the World Championship. It is good to see someone like him returning to the specialty that gave him success; Hopefully other drivers like him do the same. “

What’s a day in the life of Danny McCanney like outside of racing?

“Living on the Isle of Man includes a lot of trips …. This year I am also going to do the British and Italian enduro championships. When I have time and I am at home I train very often by bike or spending time with my girlfriend Steph and our dog, enjoying life. “

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