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23 mayo, 2021
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They say the best way to improve is to accept that you have a problem. So in this post we are going to start accepting what some may say about the disadvantages of motorcycles, because it is true, a motorcycle can have several disadvantages, if that is how you want to see it. The interesting thing about accepting that riding a motorcycle has its drawbacks, (as is riding a car, plane or bicycle), is to realize how precisely the big brands have taken advantage of these disadvantages and have created the solution for each of them, and well, by the way, they have found a great business opportunity.

Well, we could say that the main disadvantages of riding a motorcycle are sponsored by the climate that exists in the different seasons of the year. Certainly in cold season it can be very uncomfortable to ride a motorcycle, but I say it can, because in reality it may not, it may be the opposite if we get the necessary equipment, such as thermal clothing, raincoat, boots, gloves, in short, All the equipment, but not only that, the technology has allowed many of the most modern motorcycles to have heating systems that can definitely make one forget the cold and dedicate himself to enjoying the trip.


And they will think; What about the heat? .. It turns out that the solutions are not only for the cold winter climate, even for the hot summer there are options that free us from the annoyance of the heat. There is also equipment such as type of clothing with ventilation and materials that keep us cool, helmets also with ventilation, suitable for hot weather, footwear, gloves, in the market you can find everything for this climate.

Some disadvantage that we could add and that is important because it threatens safety, is driving in the rain. It is a very important issue and one that is definitely not left lightly, but there are also certain actions that can considerably reduce the risk. One is expertise, being well prepared and trained to know what measures to take under these conditions. Another very favorable is the great technological advance that we have in favor, today thanks to technology there are complete systems and equipment in our motorcycles that help us a lot to reduce any risk.


Finally let’s talk about space. Well, the cargo space of a motorcycle is not at all comparable to that of a car, but it does not mean that we do not have it. There are many ways to travel with luggage on a motorcycle, moderate, yes, but it sure fits us for the basics. There are side cases, also rear top-case and bags that we can place on the tank. It is a matter of being organized.


What we have left to learn about the disadvantages of riding a motorcycle is that they can become opportunities to improve, let’s take a little of this as a philosophy of life and Let’s have a happy Bikers ride!

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