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“Dovizioso would agree to do the Qatar tests with Honda”

25 mayo, 2021
andrea dovizioso

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With the presence of Marc Márquez practically ruled out for the two Qatar tests in March (and for the first races of the season), there has been much speculation about the probability that Honda considered replacing – to a greater or lesser extent – the one from Cervera with Andrea Dovizioso.

The possibility of line up a third bike at the Repsol Honda It was already ruled out by Carmelo Ezpeleta himself, and the alternative of Dovizioso racing until Marc Márquez can race again was rejected by the Italian rider himself.

The one from Forli will carry out a sabbatical year doing cross, to return to MotoGP in 2022, when there will be holes in several teams. But… what about just doing the preseason tests with Honda? Would it be feasible?

In an interview with ‘Sky Sport’, the manager of the Italian pilot, Simone battistella, does not rule it out:

“Second thought, if hypothetically there was a call from Honda to meet us and see Andrea’s performance with that bike during the Qatar tests, I would say that yes we would accept. We are talking about a winning bike and a rider who has always been very strong in Losail. It’s a combination that I think would intrigue all motorcycling fans. “

“Honda – making it clear that both Andrea and I are very sorry for what is happening to Marc Márquez – it is clear that he is evaluating exactly when his pilot can return. In my opinion, and with good reason, they are afraid of making mistakes in such a delicate situation. The month of February will be crucial for their decisions ”.

Preparing for 2022

“For our part, we have rejected all test pilot proposals so that we can be free and do something else, but also to be ready to go back on the grill. Andrea is training for motocross at an amateur level, but he is doing it with as much intensity as if he were in the middle of the MotoGP preseason ”.

Battistella rejects the possibility that Honda offers ‘Dovi’ the possibility of occupying the seat of Marc Márquez until he can return:

“If I’m honest, I don’t think Honda is going to let Dovi start the championship and then drop him in the middle of the season. The hypothesis of starting with Pol Espargaró, and then putting on a third motorcycle when Márquez returns, is not feasible, among other things because Carmelo Ezpeleta has already expressed his opposite opinion. So there are not many more possibilities to explore, so we will work this year to return to full capacity in 2022 ”.

Dovizioso test qatar honda

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