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24 mayo, 2021
rock black biker

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We know that we cannot avoid feeling that adrenaline that runs through our blood streams when riding, nor the adventure of going in a caravan, nor the vibration of a large engine when it goes 200km per hour … but we cannot avoid any accident where at least he gets hurt from that situation. But this can be reduced if we wear the right clothing.

In 2007, at the ADACH forum, Christian Baeza started the campaign “Dress to fall and not to lock up”. The start of this campaign was due to the fact that, together with the boom in motorcycles, the boom in accidents involving motorcycles began. The truth is that motorcycles are safer than cars according to figures provided by the police. But currently the cliché of motorcycling has taken with it a large number of accidents of which at least there are people injured and in other cases even full lives. If everyone had the right equipment and clothing, this number of tragedies would be greatly reduced; a good helmet It is mandatory, protecting the head is the most important thing. When I see someone with a poor quality helmet I always ask them how much would they give to save their head? And they wonder.

The right clothing in addition to protecting from a collision also provides comfort, protection from heat, cold, loose debris, and hot and moving parts of the motorcycle, and does not neglect personal style. In addition, the jacket with protections, pants with protections, gloves and boots will save us a lot of money in cures and time without working, it is cheaper to protect yourself than to heal.

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