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23 mayo, 2021
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Driving a motorcycle with a passenger It is a delicate issue that has its points to consider, from the outset that not all motorcycles are made to carry an extra passenger in addition to the pilot, as it is supposed, small motorcycles are not capable of supporting one more passenger, (even if it is something that we commonly see especially in the city). However, there are large motorcycles, such as the Gran Turismo, which can have a place and a structure designed for a companion.

Even so, there are restrictions in this regard and rules to follow such as that the passenger as well as the driver must wear the appropriate equipment to prevent getting injured in the event of any mishap. A passenger must also know how to behave when at the back of the motorcycle, as their movements also have an effect on the behavior of the motorcycle and its performance.


You also have to have some expertise as the conditions of the motorcycle change when receiving greater weight and affects in many ways the response of the machine, such as braking, suspension and tire pressure and the acceleration capacity that is achieved. it may come back slower. It is important to distribute the weight properly, because if you are considerably overweight in the rear you run the risk of the motorcycle lifting with a sudden acceleration.

It is also important to take care of details such as regulating the height of the motorcycle, because if it has too much weight on the back it can happen that the headlights point higher and this causes you to lose visibility in front or that you dazzle the driver of the vehicle in front of you .

You can avoid these inconveniences if before getting on a passenger you know well how to adjust the suspension of your motorcycle, it will take a few minutes and you will see a better behavior by having a well adjusted suspension. You can do the same with tire pressure, especially on the rear tire.

Following these tips can make you enjoy your companion and your trip more. Happy shooting.


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