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Ducati Diavel Turbo: Even more beast

30 mayo, 2021

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There are some who are really nonconformists, like the Californian giant Blake Savilla, who decided that with the 160 hp of the Ducati diavel series did not have enough. Savilla owned a 2008 Yamaha R1, the latest ‘screamer’ version of the R1, but although he was happy with its performance the huge Blake it did not fit on the Yamaha, so he thought of a sports cruiser:

“Of all the muscle bikes, the Diavel was the best from a performance point of viewSaville says. “It brakes really well, like a Panigale, it handles quite well for a cruiser, it has decent ground clearance, it is very comfortable and has all the electronics of a sports bike. It also looks great and I love the Ducati quality. ”

The Ducati Diavel was his motorcycle, but he wanted more, so as he bought it he went to Jamie Bezzina’s workshop, S&R Pro. Bezzina has experience adapting turbochargers to motorcycles, so she looked for the best option for the Diavel de Savilla.

Oddly enough, Bezzina practically did not touch the engine, leaving the original pistons, compression, gearbox and clutch. What was a headache was finding the right electronics, changing CDIs, injectors, air filter, exhaust, etc.

Then the cycle part was modified, modifying the suspensions. On the aesthetic side, a number of Ducati Performance carbon parts and a turbo pressure gauge were used. Its owner was very satisfied:

“The result was not looking for absolute power, but good reliability and a lot of torque, which we have achieved. The bike has 225 hp and 21 kgm to the wheelsays Blake Saville.

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