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Ducati Monster Pantah by XTR Pepo: Pure exquisiteness

30 mayo, 2021
Ducati Monster Pantah XTR Pepo 1

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This is not the first preparation that we bring from the workshop of XTR Pepo, and surely it will not be the last, because they always bring us exceptional work. Is Ducati Monster Pantah is no exception.

As a knowledgeable Ducati expert, Pepo Rosell attack the beautiful Italian motorcycles to give them a new personality, and hetake us to another era, but without giving up the most modern technologies.

Made on the base of a Ducati Monster 821 from 2016, with this work he decided “surrender homage to the original Ducati Pantah from 1978”.

But not only that. Pepo also wanted those who wanted to be able to have their own special bike as well, so he built the body in such a way that it could be converted into a kit.

What does that mean? Well, you too you could buy this body and install it on your own Monster.

Of course, this Ducati Monster Pantah by XTR Pepo goes further and not only would corrode it, it makes it a unique piece.

DNA air filters, Ohlins shock absorbers, system of Spark exhaust, Andreani fork cartridge

That to mention the simplest, because behind there is also a great work of custom parts.

The mudguard front, tank fuel, levers, the windshield, lights, the seat… A large number of pieces made specifically for this model by XTR Pepo.

There is practically nothing left of the original Ducati. And despite this, and the enormous work behind each of the pieces, the best, as Pepo himself acknowledges, is their beauty: “The design is superb. It is bold and strong, but still elegantand”.

We cannot agree with you!

Ducati Monster Pantah XTR Pepo_9

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