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Duel at 300 km / h between a CBR1000RR-R and a ZX-10R 2021 (video)

25 mayo, 2021
video CBR1000 vs Zx 10R 3

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We already know that the biker community is very broad and transversal, and it includes everything, from a majority, who enjoy riding their motorcycle, but using their heads, to a minority who risk their lives and that of others. .

This is the case with this North American youtuber, who uploaded this video in which his Honda CBR1000RR-R SP and a friend’s new Kawasaki ZX-10R 2021 face off in a wild duel of acceleration and maximum speed. The bad thing is that they do it on a highway open to traffic near Charlotte (North Carolina) and that they bypass the rest of the vehicles, reaching 300 km / h several times (the speed is shown in miles / h in the video).

video CBR1000 vs Zx 10R 2

Later on, a BMW S1000RR and an Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory, both prepared, join the challenge. The video was uploaded to YouTube.


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