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Economic crises and the second-hand market

22 mayo, 2021

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The second-hand motorcycle market, which in 2016 moved 305,198 vehicles, finds its best moments in years of crisis; the one from the 80s, the mid-90s or the one that we have been dragging on for almost 10 years. During all these periods, new registrations have suffered notable decreases which, on the other hand, have reinforced the sale of used motorcycles.

Starting in the early 1980s, when the economy of our country was affected by the second oil crisis (1979-1980), the Government of that time proposed measures that had a very significant impact on the pockets of citizens.

The effect of this restrictive monetary policy was noticed in new motorcycle sales, with a gradual decline between 1980 and 1985. However, during this same period, the second-hand motorcycle remained completely stable and even experienced a certain increase at the end of that period. That is, while the new motorcycle market fell by 6% in those five years, that of the used motorcycle managed to increase its figures by 15%.

crisis de los 80 0

Overcome the deep economic downturn of the 80s, and in full economic growth, at the beginning of the 90s a new crisis hit the Spanish economy, in this case caused by the outbreak of the real estate crisis in Japan and later aggravated by the war of the Gulf. This was even more devastating, since the new motorcycle market went from registering 118,525 motorcycles in 1990 to falling to 34,181 five years later, that is, a collapse of no less than 71%. On the other hand, during this second crisis, the second-hand market once again overcame all the economic vicissitudes that the country was going through and closed 1995 with 102,425 transactions, 42% of what was sold five years earlier, in 1990.

crisis de los 90

Before analyzing this graph, which belongs to the crisis from which it seems that we are currently emerging, it must be said that in 2007, just before the start of it, a total of 269,489 motorcycles were registered in Spain, the best year of all the story for the two-wheel industry in our market. Well, as you can see, in 2009 that number had already fallen to 133,582 registrations, with a sharp fall compared to 2008 of 37.1%. However, once again, and this is the third time since the 80s that this theory has been fulfilled, the second-hand market remains not only stable, but also continues to grow year after year until it exceeds 300,000 transactions, an increase of 47% in the last 8 years.

Find out which were the 25 best-selling second-hand motorcycles in 2016.

The second-hand motorcycle, a stable market.

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