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23 mayo, 2021
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Pollution problems are so evident today that they cannot be ignored. There are several groups of people, associations and communities concerned with finding alternatives that reduce the damage to the environment. There is increasing awareness in this regard and that is why great effort has been made in technological advances in order to contribute to energy savings and implement the use of alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.

Vehicles that use gasoline as fuel are part of the problem and although a motorcycle pollutes much less, compared to a car, the motorcycle industry is not indifferent to the problem, there are a large number of passionate people from the world of motorcycling who share the interest for contributing their grain of sand to avoid generating more pollution. That is why hehe electric motorcycles are one of the latest additions to the market and a green alternative that is gaining strength. Well, there are already several companies that have seen a business in generating these alternatives for the user.

Electric motorcycles, as the name implies, are powered by an electric motor powered by batteries, usually lithium-ion (Li-Ion), instead of having an internal combustion engine, with gasoline.

There are more and more options for electric motorcycles on the market, as their advantages are several in addition to contributing to non-pollution.

  • Electric motors reduce emissions of CO2 and harmful gases without using oil reserves.
  • With an electric motorcycle, obviously, it is no longer necessary to load gasoline, which represents a considerable saving.
  • They are generally lower in weight, which makes them more practical and easier to maneuver.
  • Periodic transmission system maintenance is eliminated.
  • Some can be charged with renewable energy sources.

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