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Electric Off Road: motorcycle vs bike vs moto-bike

25 mayo, 2021
prueba electricas

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As soon as they see it, people wonder: what is it? Is it a motorcycle? Is it a bike? And that’s when I, a great connoisseur of the product, I am about to go into detail to explain what it really is. We have to define the Bultaco Brinco as a “motorcycle-bike”. And why “moto-bike”? Well, this romp brings together all the good things about a motorcycle and all the good things about a bike.

By saying, all the good things about a motorcycle, I mean the following. The only way to operate the Brinco engine is with a accelerator similar to that of a motorcycle, this being without cable. So to speak, on the right side of the handlebar we would have things related to the motorcycle, in terms of accelerator and front brake.

And on the left side, we would have the part of a bike, with the gear change. Nine derailleur gears with a Sram X9 rear derailleur, used well, will be very useful. We also have to add an Overdrive that is operated on the bottom bracket.

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Now you may wonder, why do I want to pedal if I have an accelerator? As well. Thanks to the pedals we will better fit the Brinco. Why do I say this? Pedaling makes us feel more comfortable on top of it. In addition, we will save battery, so the route we can do will be much longer. One of the benefits of carrying pedals also, it is the cardiovascular exercise that we are doing. It is true that it is minimal, but something is something. For all those people who want to simply move their legs it is ideal. And I tell you one thing, if you want to get tired, you will get tired. It all depends on how much we help it and the power mode in which we go.

It has three modes: ECO, TOURING AND SPORT. As we go up so run more. But of course, it also uses more battery. It is amazing how much fun it is to go on the trails to 50 km / h and not hear any noise. Well, at 50 km / h it is very fast, but in “SPORT”Yes it gets up to that speed without problems. A very important issue is the battery. Talking about autonomy is talking about a somewhat complicated issue, complicated since there is no default value which tells us that in the “TOUR“For example, we are going to do 50 km. There are several factors to take into account: how much gas we give; whether there are rises or not; and above all, how much we help the Bultaco with pedaling. We can give some approximate data regarding autonomy: In mode ECHO, we may be able to do 100 km; in TOUR mode around 75 km; and in SPORT mode 50 km.

The Bultaco Brinco is “Suitable for all ages”. It has no predetermined use, and of course, being a different concept, it does not have to be replaced by either an MTB or an Enduro motorcycle. We can use it both to go buy bread, and to go to the mountains to an excursion. From the Bultaco factory, they strongly emphasize that only the Brinco is made to be enjoyed. In fact there are already homologated versions for city and country, this R is not.

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The Moto-Bici concept does not want you to physically crush yourself. Nor is it designed to get into a motocross circuit or a “Bikepark”. This does not mean that we can not do “the goose” with her. In fact, when you try it, you will realize that the limit is practically unattainable. It can go very fast. The whole is pretty good. Speaking of weight, they are 38 kg “Very well placed.” You will be alarmed and say that it is a lot of weight, but these 38 kg with the power it has, they become light. A power of 2kW put into a Brushless / AC motor incorporated in the rear wheel. For my taste, there is some excess weight in the rear, but hey, it’s all a matter of getting used to. The suspensions are according to your needs. A 180 mm inverted fork with compression and rebound adjustments. Its operation is quite good, they are sensations similar to those of a motorcycle, it “swallows” everything. As for the rear suspension, it incorporates a 217 mm travel monoshock. It is also adjustable in compression and rebound, added to the spring preload. Its operation together with the fork means that we are facing a highly homogenized set without being “black leg” material.

And of course, this is all very good. But we need brakes that go along with everything else. La Brinco has some powerful hydraulic brakes. The chosen brand has been Magura. They incorporate some 203mm discs with a 4-piston caliper in the front and a two-piston in the rear. They have a dry but at the same time progressive touch. For people who come off the bike, I put a lot of emphasis on the brakes for the following reason: They are reversed! On the right side of the handlebar we find the front brake, and on the left side the rear. Today it is not much of a problem, the verb “accustom” can do everything. Being an electric “toy”, improvements are found day by day.

This appliance is riddled with high technology; And if it doesn’t seem so to you now, it will soon seem so. To begin with, we can only “turn on” the Bultaco with a bracelet that we must go through a “display”That we find on the handlebar. Which by the way, this is where we find battery charge, speed, power mode in which we are, kilometers we carry, etc. Very complete. In a very short time, Bultaco will give life to an application for both iOS and Android with which we will be able to consult all our “movements” with the Brinco. Something very interesting from a “geek” point of view, which is usually the one we usually have for all of us who like two wheels. It is a product that you need to try to be able to comment on it.

Weight: 39 kg
Price: € 5,180

The electric bike: Specialized Turbo Levo FSR:

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Before you start reading, relax, open your mind and “park” the prejudices away, if you succeed you will be able to appreciate and above all know the real possibilities that the bikes with assisted pedaling they can offer you. Stop thinking that eBikes are the future, that they are for the old or that they are the bikes of the “squatters” who do not want to pedal … an eBike is much more than that. To begin with, electric bikes are not the future, they are the present, outside our borders they have been a reality for years and fortunately it is no longer a novelty to see them on the trails and roads any weekend. Our country is waking up, the sales figures increase year by year, it is a matter of time before eBikes become part of the usual “fauna” that, Sunday after Sunday, occupy the roads and trails.

Unlike the KTM and the Bultaco the Specialized Turbo Levo has no “handle”In other words, if you don’t pedal and move your legs, the bike won’t move. Pedelec bikes are bikes with assisted pedaling, it is true that there is a motor and a battery, but they will only help you as long as you move the pedals. Pedal assistance arrives up to 25 km / hFrom that speed on, the motor stops “pushing” and the bike will only work on the basis of “legs”. The engine of the Specialized Turbo Levo is from the German brand Brose (3.4 kgs), it has a power of 250 W and a torque 90 Nm which makes him, on paper, the most powerful of the moment. Thanks to its three positions, or assisted pedaling modes, you will always find the perfect balance between your pedaling and the help you need depending on whether you are going up or down.

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Driving an eBike is the same as driving a bike, same position, same operation and of course the same fun, the difference is that we will be able to do more kilometers and enjoy more thanks to the help of the engine. Despite the increase in dynamic weight, we will not notice great differences with respect to a “lung” bike in the way of tracing or braking since the motor and battery are located in the lower part of the bike, making the center of gravity is too low so going down we are going to get the bike to be more stable and secure and to tread with even more poise than a bike without a motor.

EBikes are not only perfect for experienced bikers who have tried it all and are looking for a fun bike, they are also the ideal front door for those who want to get back on the bike after years without riding, or for those who are starting in this sport and who cannot or have enough time to reach the necessary form to go out into the mountains every Sunday.

Weight: 22 kg in size Small
Price: € 4,999.90

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My advice is that you try them before giving your opinion. An eBike is an inexhaustible source of fun as well as exercise. Everything has a learning process and an eBike is no exception. In the first outings you will have to learn to dose and save battery, not to go too stuck or too fluid, in a short time your fitness will improve and you will get even more out of your bike. Trails that you never imagined climbing mounted will now be your new playground, you can do those unthinkable excursions you always dreamed of and your range of action will expand exponentially … thanks to eBikes, an unthinkable world opens up just a few years road electrico

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