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Elvis broke with the stereotype of the motorcyclist

24 mayo, 2021

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Elvis Presley helped make the motorcycle an accepted vehicle in the days when owning a motorcycle meant being a gang member or criminal.

In the 70s the arrival of the Honda to the United States and its campaign “for nice people” was as famous as the singer, who was the image of the campaign and included the model Honda Super Hawk 305 in the “Im a Roustobout” movie. The brand tried to change the idea of ​​the rough motorcycle for a more generic motorcycle, with a medium cylinder capacity, more colors and a more compact model, for a wider market. This action revolutionized the motorcycling market in the United States and the motorcycle became a much more common and popular vehicle.

That is why congratulating Elvis on his anniversary makes us Bikers and that is how we celebrate his anniversary!

We leave here a part of «Im a Roustobout», which we hope you enjoy …

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