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23 mayo, 2021
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The unforeseen and emergency situations happen all the time and everywhere, so it is very likely that at some point during your ride you will find yourself faced with the need to emergency braking. Well, it is an issue that requires paying close attention, because although it is vital that you brake your motorcycle it is also vital that you know how to brake correctly, doing it correctly depends on whether braking is actually the solution to stop a possible disaster and not to make it worse or cause another.


There are several factors to consider, one of them is how well you know your motorcycle and how much practice you have, if the answer is “little practice”, the best advice we can give is that you start practicing your braking now and measure the response of your motorcycle, better now that it is only a rehearsal and not when it is real and you have no idea how your partner is going to react.

We always say that you keep your eyes on the road, looking ahead and being attentive gives you many advantages. For a motorcyclist it could be easier to see what is ahead on the road and if there is any problem you can anticipate a braking with good weather, but remember that it is possible that not everyone has the same visibility as you, so better Make sure others notice your movements, they may be caught off guard by a spontaneous braking on your part.



If there is no more to brake now, and you also have to do it quickly, remember that it is best to be progressively and pressing both brakes, this will get the train to stick more to the asphalt, that we gain stability and better traction, do it only with a brake and a single one up to the maximum, it can cause you to lose stability, even if you have ABS brakes, braking will be slower and the front tire will not achieve maximum grip.


It may seem impossible, but it is important that you remember to stay calm, a well-planned and cool-minded reaction can avoid having a bad time.

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