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Emulate, the electric motorcycle that can sound and vibrate like a 2T or a 4T

25 mayo, 2021

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Who said all electric motorcycles were boring, soulless? At least there is no Emula, the work of the Italian company 2electron, based near Naples.

The Emula is an electric sports car, capable of reaching the 250 km / h, with chain transmission, gearshift and slipper clutch … So far nothing particularly new, but its name, Emula, already gives some clues.

The 2electron Emula is capable of sounding -and vibrating- like three different motorcycles with combustion engine: as a 600 four-cylinder from 1999, as 800 a twin 2004 and as a 2T single cylinder 1989.

Thanks to McFly software, six loudspeakers and small servo motors, it is able to faithfully reproduce the behavior of these three different engines, both with gas and with gear changes, from idle to maximum revolutions.

Emula 5

Also the change of each mode works virtually, connected to the lever and the clutch. Thus it is possible to coordinate the sound with each gear change.

It has several driving modes: Real Emulation, Arcade Emulation and Beginner Emulation. In addition, there is also an Emula-Boring (‘Boring’) mode that turns the Emule into a conventional electric motorcycle, without noise.

Everything is controlled from an 8 ”color TFT screen.

Emula 4

At the moment it is only a ‘concept’, but its creators are studying the possibility of taking it to the series. It would be great to see it produced and to be able to decide which bike we ride each time …

Listen and be amazed …

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