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Enduro vs 4×4 Who wins?

24 mayo, 2021

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We wanted to tackle the vehicles on various terrains and see which one is most effective on each one. We have looked for two experienced pilots in each specialty, Fran Rico, our editor-in-chief and enduro rider, and Manuel Gutiérrez, a 4×4 specialist.


There is nothing to say. The lightness of the bike coupled with its explosive 2t engine leaves the car far behind after the first few meters of full throttle. Unless we are on a surface with minimal traction like mud, where the four-wheel drive would make a difference, the bike clearly wins.


Extreme climb

With a good rider at the controls, the bike is capable of climbing any difficult climb faster and faster. However, if its slope exceeds logic, the Vitara will bring out its weapons and with its reducer combined with the Winch, it will be able to get out of the worst of the quagmire. If the climb is too long and the rider / motorcycle loses its bellows until it loses traction, they are lost. It will be time to go back down and get more inertia. The skill of the pilot will make the difference.


Due to its lightness and freedom of movement, the bike handles more easily on more technical terrain. Passing through narrow areas is easier and changing the route halfway is very easy. The car, although it climbs through unthinkable places, is more clumsy and heavy and will be stuck on high steps or cuts of more than 80 cm.



This is where the 4×4 takes the glory. There is no river that can resist him and even sinking beyond the windows he is able to carry on. The secret lies in its elevated air intake, snorkel, which prevents water from entering the engine. The motorcycle has a very clear limit and unless you are like Iván Cervantes in that feat of aquaplanning of 50 m, you will be lost.


This point is tricky. In a very steep descent, the motorcycle, even with its brakes, can get out of control. The 4×4 with its reducer and engine brake can do it slowly and controlling at all times. Of course, there is a risk of tipping over if the limits are exceeded. On the bike, getting off and going little by little with feet on the ground and nailing the brakes will be enough and thus the risk will be minimized. (Let’s recall scenes from ErzbergRodeo where not even Graham jarvisdescends on the motorcycle and does so by allowing himself to be dragged downhill)


Where does the car win?

With both beasts you will have a few hours full of adrenaline. With the Vitara the field is limited because it is a car, with its dimensions and limitations, do not forget. Except for wading, the bike is more efficient on any terrain.

On the contrary, you can enjoy the off road with three other people. Can you imagine taking the whole family on your enduro and commenting on the play live? In addition, whatever the temperature is, you will be comfortable inside and the risk of accident is much lower. Even when overturning, with its crash bars, the chances of getting hurt are slim.

Question of euros

A extreme enduro motorcycle like the one you see, it hardly exceeds the price of a mass-produced unit. For just over 10,000 euros you will have a machine equipped to the top to compete and not very different from that ofJonny walker.

In the car, you must first invest in buying the vehicle and then spend more than that amount to get it ready so that it is really efficient in the field. The cost can be multiplied by five easily compared to the motorcycle.


The point is to have fun

Be that as it may, those of us who love the countryside and the motor are looking for fun and adrenaline. With both vehicles you can enjoy a lot, but knowing well the limits of each one. In the car you will not have to be a virtuoso to reach the top, which on the bike will be decisive. The question is to enjoy nature on our machines, always respecting others and the environment.

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