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25 mayo, 2021
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Something that all motorcyclists like and enjoy a lot are the long motorcycle trips, those in which you can see while you are riding how the sun sets to give way to the moon. Every good biker has had one of these experiences and every good biker who has had one of these knows that for a long trip to be really pleasant, you have to be well equipped. An essential part of the equipment that a biker traveler needs is a good set of jacket and pants that provide the necessary protection and adapt to the different circumstances and needs that arise regardless of whether it is day or night.

Treviso AXO is a brand that bets on the market Trail Y Touring for motorcyclist. It has released its range that incorporates a new technical set that offers maximum quality and functionality: Kalahari. Its design is based on the needs that arise both during the day and at night, the set is designed for lovers of long trips and thanks to its versatility it can be used at any time of the year.

The Kalahari jacket is a highly resistant garment, thanks to its polyester construction with ballistic fabric inserts. To keep warm from the cold and offer greater comfort, the garment has an internal polyester lining and a removable Thermolite membrane that maintains body temperature. For rainy days, the jacket incorporates Watertech technology, which prevents any water infiltration and guarantees total impermeability and, when the time comes to welcome the good weather, all you have to do is open the vents that AXO has arranged on the arms, chest and back.

But comfort and convenience is not the only thing that the brand cares about, safety is one of the basic and important premises that this model encompasses, because to offer greater safety to the motorcyclist, the Kalahari is equipped with protections homologated in elbows and shoulders, and has a hole to house a back protector (not included). In addition, the jacket incorporates reflective inserts to give the rider greater visibility at night. Its functionality is also a neat aspect, since the jacket has a double closure on the neck, large interior and exterior pockets, multiple adjustments, elastic fabric on the wrists, and a jacket / pants anchoring system.

The pants that accompany this complete and functional jacket bear the same name and have been made of the same materials, the Kalahari provide great resistance, since they not only protect from the cold, they are also totally waterproof thanks to their 3-layer design (polyester , Watertech membrane and Thermolite padding). Like the jacket, they have vents in the thigh area.

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