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EV4, like an electric bike / motorcycle, but with four wheels

30 mayo, 2021

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The idea to create part of the Polish Jacek SkopinskiTired of wasting hours on his urban commute due to traffic jams in the city of Warsaw, he decided to create the EV4.

Thanks to being the director of the Aero-Service company, dedicated to the maintenance and repairs of airplanes and ultralights, he had the necessary materials to develop his idea, the EV4.

Should be a clean, electric vehicle, light as a bicycle, that could circulate through parks and pedestrian areas, but with quality finishes and materials.

I also think of those not used to riding on two wheels, so to have more stability he decided to have two wheels on each axle. Thus, the EV4 has a dual independent swingarm system, thanks to which it can tilt like a motorcycle, and with total stability. And for the direction a linkage system has been enabled.

It would be like the idea of ​​the Quadro scooter, but in its electrical aspect and simplified to the maximum.

Its chassis is made of aeronautical aluminum, and its structure is riveted, not welded, as in airplanes, making it light and inexpensive.

To move uses two 500w electric motors mounted in the center rear, whose force is transmitted to the two rear wheels by electric belts.

With your pack of 36V lithium ion batteries, 20 or 40 Ah, has a maximum speed of 40 km / h, up to 50 km of autonomy.

It is compact since it is one and a half meters long and 60 cm wide.

To brake, it uses four lobed brake discs from the bike industry, and its dash is a rectangular LCD screen that shows speed and range.

The EV4 is on sale for 5,000 euros, nothing bad.

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