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Everything you need to know about antifreeze

25 mayo, 2021
anticongelante para moto

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The engine of our motorcycle generates heat with its operation that must be dissipated either through the air or through the coolant.

Antifreeze fluid is a chemical compound created for the sole purpose of being used in engine cooling circuits. In this way and through research, it was discovered that by adding certain chemical compounds on an aqueous base, the properties of the refrigerant were significantly increased.

With it the freezing point was reduced by a few degrees thanks to compounds such as ethylene glycol, something very positive in cold climates that allows us to park the motorcycle at temperatures below 0ºC without the refrigerant freezing and thus seriously damage the entire cooling system.

Over time, the formula has also been improved adding compounds that improve performance and heat dissipation, so we will also benefit our engine when it is at high temperatures during its operation.

There are two cooling methods that engines Internal combustion engines are used to evacuate the heat produced during their work.

The oldest and simplest is the air cooling system, in which the driving air itself takes the heat away from the engine’s surface.

More advanced and object of this article is the liquid cooling system, in which a chamber that surrounds the engine is filled with fluid which, in turn, moves through a circuit that includes a radiator exposed to the air of the march. The temperature that the coolant acquires in contact with the parts of the engine that generate heat transfers it to said air in the radiator, which is nothing more than a labyrinth of fine tube that receives the aforementioned air.


The liquid cooling is much more effective and stable than air cooling, but requires care with the liquid that is responsible for the evacuation of heat. The coolant must be kept clean and must be replaced from time to time, specifically when specified by the manufacturer. Mixing the coolant with water diminishes its benefits and may render its antifreeze capacity ineffective, with the possibility of catastrophic failure.

The coolant’s first advantage is its antifreeze ability, which prevents it from freezing in cold environments. The increase in volume caused by freezing in the water brings with it major breakdowns, as it can burst the hoses and even the engine itself, a problem that is avoided with antifreeze. In addition, it also takes longer to boil, since the additives added raise the boiling point than in the most common systems today, pressurized circuits, exceeding 120ºC.

It is important to replace the antifreeze fluid from time to time, the manufacturers specify how often, and it should not be maintained when it loses its light color due to dirt or when it has had to be filled with water due to occasional losses, as the glycol concentration decreases and, with it, the properties.

Finally, when checking the antifreeze level, make sure, with the engine cold, that the level in the expansion tank is not below the minimum nor above the maximum.

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