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Fernández sets the pace again

25 mayo, 2021
Entrenos Moto3 CatalanGP 2020 RaulFernandez

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Very different are the conditions in the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, a track that generally welcomes riders from the MotoGP World Championship in the middle of June.

But in addition, to the change of date caused by the special circumstance of the coronavirus, we must add the temperature drop that has been registered in the last hours and strong winds (of cold air) that, in principle, are expected for the whole weekend.


The temperature of just 18 degrees in the morning suggested that there would be more problems in FP1 due to the lower temperatures. However, and luckily, it has passed without problems or falls.

But it has not remained that way in the second session of Moto3 training sessions of this 2020 Catalunya GP, which has ended with too many falls (7), the Arbolino highside has given us a good scare, and several saves.

The best time of the day has also remained in FP1, once again in the hands of Raúl Fernández, the only rider who has managed to drop below 1.49. And be careful, because for tomorrow temperatures are expected to drop further so the Today’s times could be decisive for Q1 and Q2.

At the moment, taking into account the combined times of the FP1 and FP2 of Moto3, the fastest were Raúl Fernández (protagonist of a brutal save), Jaume Masià and Romano Fenati.

They would also be in a position to go straight to the Q2 the Spanish Albert Arenas, Carlos Tatay and Alonso López.

Shortly the MotoGP FP2, live on DAZN Spain, a session that will continue to be affected by the strong and cold wind.

Classification FP2 Moto3 GP de Catalunya 2020

1. Jaume MASIA (Honda) 1’49.134

2. Darryn BINDER (KTM) 1’49.418

3. Carlos TATAY (KTM) 1’49.611

4. Gabriel RODRIGO (Honda) 1’49.821

5. Raul FERNANDEZ (KTM) 1’49.935

6. Tony ARBOLINO (Honda) 1’49.952

7. Stefano NEPA (KTM) 1’50.031

8. Andrea MIGNO (KTM) 1’50.072

9. Jeremy ALCOBA (Honda) 1’50.090

10. John MCPHEE (Honda) 1’50.151

11. Davide PIZZOLI (KTM) 1’50.246

12. Sergio GARCIA (Honda) 1’50.394

13. Ai OGURA (Honda) 1’50.415

14. Albert ARENAS (KTM) 1’50.502

15. Barry BALTUS (KTM) 1’50.525

16. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) 1’50.671

17. Dennis FOGGIA (Honda) 1’50.715

18. Celestino VIETTI (KTM) 1’50.742

19. Ayumu SASAKI (KTM) 1’50.756

20. Riccardo ROSSI (KTM) 1’50.955

21. Filip SALAC (Honda) 1’50.969

22. Alonso LOPEZ (Husqvarna) 1’51.071

23. Khairul Idham PAWI (Honda) 1’51.079

24. Maximilian KOFLER (KTM) 1’51.104

25. Niccolò ANTONELLI (Honda) 1’51.108

26. Yuki KUNII (Honda) 1’51.143

27. Deniz ÖNCÜ (KTM) 1’51.200

28. Kaito TOBA (KTM) 1’51.280

29. Ryusei YAMANAKA (Honda) 1’51.287

30. Jose Julian GARCIA (Honda) 1’51.290

31. Jason DUPASQUIER (KTM) 1’52.096

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