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24 mayo, 2021
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It is not the first time that we address the issue of security, the truth is something that we think should be taken seriously, the security and integrity of all people is a priority and any precautions we take in favor of it are not superfluous.

We all know that going out to ride is an adventure of which we know the beginning, but we can never predict the end 100%, the best we can do whenever we go out is to take all possible precautions and go out with the right equipment. Appropriate equipment is: helmet, boots, jacket, gloves, back protector, etc. What is covered with the safety regulations of the type of activity that we are going to carry out. But the precautions cannot stop there, there is a very important part to consider, which seems to us to be little spread and little exploited by the market in general. We refer to the fact that not all of us have the good habit of carrying a motorcycle first aid kit on our trips. It is not that we want to give it a dramatic tinge, it is rather that we want to promote a safety culture encompassing all possible aspects. We are all very aware that when we go out to ride we can face any type of unforeseen event, that although in the city or a populated area there will surely be the resources to cover most emergencies, while walking on the road we cannot trust ourselves to run with the Same luck, riding on the road most of the time we can only count on our own resources and a first aid kit for motorcyclists is an excellent resource in the event of an incident.

Looking for some information about it, we realized that in reality there are not many options of safety kits on the market that are manufactured specifically for motorcyclists, we found a kit from the Givi brand that has a line of safety kits and among them There is a first aid kit that is specially made for riding a motorcycle. However, that does not prevent us from improvising with what exists and that we can make our own.


Size is an important factor, we cannot carry something too big, as it is the solution to a problem, not the origin of it. It is also convenient for the kit to bring, in addition to gauze, bandages, ointments, scissors, medicines, etc., a hand lamp and a chemical light bar.

Here are some examples that we found:

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