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25 mayo, 2021
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There are bikers who enjoy relaxed roads with long straights that give them time to admire the landscape while riding at a moderate speed, but there are also bikers who are looking for an absolute adrenaline rush, loaded with high speed and if possible a stony and earthy gap, if you are one of those then surely you have seen the Tiger 800.

The Tiger 800 is a motorcycle of the brand Triumph Motorcycles It is precisely made for all types of destinations and all types of road. A motorcycle that, like you, is “Ready for everything”, at least the brand says so. This motorcycle is the second generation of the engine of 800cc, now capable of offering a more linear power, with greater response, this thanks to the electronic throttle that the manufacturer has incorporated. Its consumption has been reduced by 17%, which together with the large 19-liter tank increases the distance you can travel on it.

Technologies clearly oriented to the pilot have also been incorporated, such as the TTC (Triumph Traction Control) and the Disengageable ABS, along with its powerful and efficient 95CV ​​three-cylinder engine.

There are two types of Tiger:

The travel, XR

The field ones, XC, XCX and XCA.


Source: Triumph Motorcycles

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