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24 mayo, 2021
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The world of motorcycling is constantly growing, every day more people choose a motorcycle to move from one point to another or just for the sake of pleasure. It is precisely the fact that more and more of us like motorcycles are the reason why manufacturers are constantly seeking to create styles and types of motorcycles for all tastes, demands and needs, and there is taste for everyone , from those who prefer a classic Harley davidson even those who prefer a more futuristic version of a motorcycle that looks like something out of a science fiction movie, with a very peculiar appearance and state-of-the-art accessories.

And to show the following 5 great futuristic motorcycles:

1.- The motorcycle BMW i Motorrad Beta | R designed by Sebastian Martinez It is very reminiscent of the style of the Design Concept legend Daniel Simon. You may be familiar with the work of Daniel, Tron, Oblivion, etc. The Beta | R is a motorcycle concept possibly with every intention of being the sexiest futuristic bike of all time!


2.-The Honda V4. A motorcycle presented at the German Motorcycle Show. It is a sport bike with a futuristic style for its appearance.


3.-Suzuki G-Strider. Presented at the Tokyo Moto Show. With a racing motorcycle concept, with a scooter touch.


4.-ICare. This bike is the best of technology, with a design that was thought about speed. It was designed in France.


5.-Victory Vision 800. Presented at the Long Beach Motorcycle Show (California). One of the most powerful on the road, city and track. It is very popular with hobbyists as it is very reliable.


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