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24 mayo, 2021
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Just as we now generally know the parts of a motorcycle, we believe it is important to know the parts of a helmet in a general way. Why? Because as we have already mentioned dozens of times, the helmet is the most important protection accessory for a motorcyclist. A motorcycle always goes with a helmet.

Knowing the general characteristics of a helmet helps us to better understand why it is so important to use it when riding a motorcycle and which is the one that provides the greatest protection according to our activity. And well, so when you get to a place to compare your helmet and the manufacturer talks to you about the technical issues of a helmet, you will not be blank.


Now that we know what they are the parts of a helmet It is also important that we know how it protects us, it is very possible that this helps us to become more aware of why it is so important to wear it while we are filming.

If we suffer a fall or impact while riding a motorcycle, we can suffer serious head injuries, even if we are not going at high speed. Wearing the right helmet depends on the severity of the consequences, because even if we wear a helmet that is too heavy, it can cause undue strain on the neck and even cause injuries.

So, let’s get to know To what extent can it affect receiving an impact according to the area of ​​the head.


Finally, it is important to be clear that our safety not only depends on a good helmet, factors such as driving experience, safety measures and prudence The ones we drive with are factors that definitely make a difference.

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