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Givi half capacity motorcycle trunk

25 mayo, 2021
baules givi moto scooter jpg

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Moto Givi B360 Trunk

For a scooter the rear trunk Givi B360 Monoblock it is perfect. With 36 liters of capacity you can add colored caps to better adapt to the aesthetics of your scooter, a padded backrest for the passenger or an inner bag. The price of the Givi B360 Monoblock is 130 euros.

Moto Givi V40 Trunk

On the other hand, the Givi V40 motorcycle trunk it has a 40-liter capacity. It also has different colored covers to personalize it, a padded backrest and an inner bag. The rounded shapes are comfortable, and the red and smoked reflectors will give us extra security. The price of the Givi V40 is 138 euros.

In both cases, you have to buy the coupling system adapted to your motorcycle or scooter.

Givi also has semi-rigid bags for motorcycles or scooters in its catalog.

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