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Graham Jarvis tells us his secret

25 mayo, 2021
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Jarvis remains a man as sparing in words as he is ruthless on the bike. Still he attended EnduroPro despite his tight schedule between commitments, preparations and the hundreds of fans who want to be photographed with his idol, none of whom was left without his smile and his trophy.
What do you expect from your visit to Spain and from Hixpania Hard Enduro?
Well, apart from a good result, enjoying a good race, as always … In Spain there are always many people, many drivers, many spectators and a very good atmosphere. It is a very beautiful race to live and run.
Of all the ones you have played, what is your favorite race?
They are all really difficult and they all have something that makes them different. To be honest, they all seem more and more difficult as I get older but I still get to enjoy them. I would probably stick with Romaniacs. There is something special about that race.
How do you see the future of hard enduro?
Positive, because it continues to grow. The formula that professional pilots pilot with amateurs is a good idea because it ensures a good future for the specialty. At the end of each race there are many runners and the spectators like that because there are crashes, falls and in each test a lot happens.

Adaptation to the new formulas

What do you think of the evolution of the new WESS championship?
I think it is very good and that things are being done well because it is evident that it attracts more and more riders and generates more interest. The WESS is good for our sport but also for off-road motorcycling in general.

The World Enduro Super Series (WESS) has forced you to have to fight hard in races that are not your specialty and yet you have still achieved very good results. Have you needed to change your training methods for this?
No … and surely I should have done it and focused a bit more on the “Fast” races but I always end up concentrating on the “Extreme” events. I guess my trialera base is somehow present and my training habits don’t differ much. I’ve learned a lot over the years and I know I’m not as fast as the younger riders in the faster sections but I know how to save energy and push hard at the right times.

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