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Gustavo Cieslar the man who traveled 5 years by motorcycle

25 mayo, 2021
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Gustavo Cieslar placeholder image, a motorcyclist of Argentine origin, traveled 40 countries and five continents in 5.4 years. The result, thousands of adventures and unique experiences, during a trip that crossed two opposite poles of the planet: Argentina and Australia. An unprecedented feat, on top of two motorcycles Yamaha YBR 125cc. Know its history.

To fulfill the dream of traveling the world, Gustavo Cieslar placeholder image He sold everything, bought his motorcycle, left his computer job, his veterinary studies, his family in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and started the trip on December 22, 2003.


Although in Buenos Aires awaited advanced veterinary studies and a consolidated job, an old project assailed him: to go around the world. And it was promised forget the usual excuses: when I have money, when I finish university …

Cieslar’s goal To undertake the trip was like that of many motorcyclists, making their dream of knowing the world come true, but not in a conventional way. For him the important thing is to make contact with people, see their customs and their way of life. Each group is different.

What began as a solo adventure, ended in a trip for two, when he met Elke pahl, a German civil engineer, decided to leave her doctorate in Barcelona to join the dream of Gustavo and in five days he learned to handle the Yamaha YBR 125cc that an Italian enthusiastic about the project gave to the couple.

In two years they toured Europe, to the beat of the sale of DVDs, Elke’s online translations and the notes that Gustavo published in European motorcycle magazines. This is how a love ended up being consolidated that in the summer of 2007 brought the couple to Argentina for three months to get married.

His journey went through sites like Greece, Turkey, Iran, India, Nepal and more. “Apart from the terrible customs that relegate women, the more Islamic the country, the more supportive the people. Although gasoline is very cheap, at the stations they filled our tanks for free, they offered us places to sleep ».

A 1994 night dream of which Gustavo slept 1268 in houses of family, 290 in hostels, 11 on the beach and 37 in fire stations, among other places. In beds? 1019, and in hammocks, 55. Forty countries, five continents, 588 days and more than 50,000 photos are part of its statistics.

“The most difficult thing is to leave, to leave the fears, because on the way there are solutions to problems. Gustavo Cieslar placeholder image, Argentine motorcyclist.

Would you dare to leave everything for an adventure on your motorcycle?

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