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Gutiérrez, Herrera and Ruiz are crowned in Los Arcos

30 mayo, 2021
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The second ESBK Navarra this year, the fifth episode of National Speed disputed this weekend in the Navarra Circuit, on The arches, has proclaimed Oscar Gutierrez on Supersport, to Maria Herrera on SBK Women 1000, already Francisca Ruiz on SBK Women 600 Champions of Spain 2020.

On Saturday, victories for Jordi Torres on Superbike, Oscar Gutierrez on Supersport, David Real on PreMoto3, Marcos Ludeña on Promo3, Y Maria Herrera on SBK Women.

On Sunday, on the other hand, wins for Marc Alcoba on Superbike, Oscar Gutierrez on Supersport, Joel esteban on PreMoto3, Theo Gourdon Rafael on Promo3, Y Maria Herrera on SBK Women, as well as for Brian Uriarte on Moto4 Y Eric Fernandez on SBK Junior.

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The Spanish Cetelem Superbike Championship, a contest that has become the main launch of pilots and teams for the FIM CEV Repsol, MotoGP or the SBK World Cup, has been reactivated this weekend in the Navarra Circuit, on The arches. In fact, this has been the second visit of the ESBK 2020 to the Navarrese route after hosting the start of it at the end of July.

The Los Arcos Circuit It is for a time this part is the usual stage of the championship and in the past it was also the FIM CEV Repsol.

As already happened in the first episode of this ESBK 2020Free practice was held on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday there was only one timed practice session in which the drivers played their place on Sunday’s starting grid.

Of course, on the same Saturday day the first races of the weekend were already held for the categories PreMoto3, Promo3, Supersport (with Open600), Superbike (with Open1000) Y SBK Women. On Sunday, for their part, they were joined Moto4 Y SBK Junior (with the Kawasaki Ninja Spirit Trophy and the Yamaha bLU cRU Cup).

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Saturday: Torres and Herrera shine in SBK and SBK Women

One of the protagonists during free practice days has been the cold. The low temperatures have made an appearance and have complicated the development of the teams’ work a bit. On Thursday it even rained and they couldn’t ride much. On Friday things got better and on Saturday, with the qualifying and the first races of the weekend, the sun has accompanied.

What has not changed has been the desire and the spectacle offered by everyone at each outing on the track. On the first day of competition, the grids were set up after each training session and we were able to find out the name of the winners of the first races.

On SBK, Jordi Torres dominated most of the timed training of the championship’s top flight but there were others such as Marc Alcoba, Roman Ramos or Carmelo Morales who fought to the end for pole position. Finally, with a beautiful battle between Torres and Alcoba and with time fulfilled, that of the Team Honda Laglisse was made with the The Fastest Rider REDD Silkolene Badge.

On the run, the new MotoE World Champion He had no rival and prevailed with solvency. In the last bars there were many changes of positions between Morales, Alcoba and Ramos. In the end, they were on the podium with Torres el del ETG Racing and that of Kawasaki Palmeto PL Racing.

On Open1000 went up to the honor drawers Ivo Lopes, already as champion of the category, Joan Zamorano Y Eric Molina.

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As to Supersport, Kyle smith was the fastest in the clock dominating from start to finish, with Borja gomez Y Oscar Gutierrez accompanying him in the first row of grill.

During the first laps, the Briton was leading, but always with one eye behind controlling Gutiérrez, who also wanted to win. In the fifth lap, unfortunately for his interests, Smith went to the ground, so the Spaniard inherited the first. Of course, with Gómez close to him. So much so that the Poli-Sport Racing He overcame it, although his joy did not last long, since he fell to the ground. Aleix Viu Y David sanchisComing from behind, they finished second and third, respectively.

On Open600, Nil roig, Simon Jespersen Y Thomas strudwick they took the positions of honor.

ESBK NavarraII 2020 43 1360x906 1

David Real dominated the chrono of PreMoto3 with a steady hand, while Xabi Zurutuza Y Marco Garcia they had to settle for finishing second and third, respectively.

In the race, a group of five drivers rolled in the lead fighting for the podium. Real tried to escape just as he did in Sherry, but the others did not make it easy for him. In fact, Joel esteban, Zurutuza and Hugo Marin They got to overtake him to shoot, but Real had not yet said his last word and, after passing Marín and Zurutuza in the last lap, he did the same with Esteban to finish winning. Zurutuza, third.

In the class Promo3, beat Marcos Ludeña, leaving Montague James Amer second already Theo Gourdon third. In the Cradle of Champions, Ludeña, Gourdon and Carter Brown.

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Finally, in SBK Women, Maria Herrera, in its premiere with the 1000 of Yamaha stratos, rose to pole followed by ‘Pakita ruiz‘, the best on a 600 cc, and Gaelle remy.

In the race, the former World Cup player clearly dominated since the traffic light went out. First participation in the ESBK 2020 and first victory, ahead of Ruiz and Remy.

By categories, the podium of SBK Women 1000 It was made up of Herrera, Remy and Anderson Nordhalle, while that of SBK Women 600 Ruiz integrated it, Olga Shaternikova Y Andrea Sibaja.

ESBK NavarraII 2020 31 1360x906 1

Sunday: Navarra elevates the first Champions of 2020

This weekend the pilots of the ESBK 2020 have faced an extra challenge and that is that in addition to the technical complexity of the Navarra Circuit they had to work with very low ambient and track temperatures. In fact, at the best point of the day, the asphalt temperature has reached 16ºC, almost 40ºC below the date that was held on this same track to open the championship. And today the same cold trend has remained as yesterday.

Carmelo Morales has commanded the group since the beginning of the career of SBK, being Marc Alcoba the one who has come closest to him, always fighting to win. Jordi Torres Y Roman Ramos they have been third and fourth, respectively, seeing them by that last step of honor.

But in the absence of 7 laps the one of the Team Honda Laglisse has gone to the ground staying out of the game. Thus, that of Kawasaki has made third and maintains the Peris Leader Badge arriving to Sherry like the man to beat.

Morales won the race but went out onto the green on the last lap being sanctioned with a place, so Alcoba finally climbed to the first step of the podium. Morales and Ramos, as we said, have flanked him.

On Open1000, have been in the photo of winners today the same ones from yesterday: Ivo Lopes, Joan Zamorano Y Eric Molina.

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The race of Supersport It has been contested over 11 laps, since in the previous one the red flag was raised due to a crash in which four riders were involved. Oscar Gutierrez, the leader, had everything to face to take the title once again and he has done it in the best possible way: winning.

As the laps went by, he distanced himself from his most immediate rival, Aleix Viu. David sanchis, who has fought to the end with the Andotrans Team Torrentó for the championship, he was third.

With this victory Gutiérrez proclaims himself, in the absence of the two rounds of Sherry, Champion of Spain SSP 2020.

The classification of Open600 has also been the same as yesterday, with Nil roig, Simon Jespersen Y Thomas strudwick on the podium.

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In the race of SBK Junior there have been five drivers in the fight for victory during the opening laps: Iker Garcia, Daniel Mogeda, Eric Fernandez, Angel Heredia Y Francesc Perez. The overtaking has been the dominant note at the beginning, but finally García, Fernández and Heredia have remained as the protagonists.

The first one was very strong, but a penalty for jumping the track limits more than allowed has snatched the first position, leaving it on a plate to Fernández. Heredia has finished second and Javier Corral third.

In the Kawasaki Ninja Spirit Trophy Fernández, Heredia and García have risen to the drawer, while in the R3 Yamaha bLU cRU Cup Corral have done it, Carlos Gimenez Y Juan Antonio Conesa in that order.

Carla Scolds has gone up to collect the check from the REDD Challenge GS that accredits the Speed ​​racing as the best team of SBK Junior from Navarre.

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On Moto4, there was a nice fight between the man who started from pole, Maximum Martinez, Y Alex Longarela who have joined Pol Solà. The one with Gasss Racing has led almost every lap, but has also been sanctioned with a Long Lap Penalty for exceeding the track limits repeatedly. Thus, Solà has placed first with Longarela second. With two laps to go, Longarela has overtaken Solà, but has seen how the School Team Monlau Repsol he gave it back. When everything seemed to indicate that things would end this way, both have gone to the ground in the last corner before entering the finish line. Thus, Brian Uriarte has been the one who in the end has risen with the triumph, followed by Rico Salmela and of Amanuel David Brinton.

PreMoto3 has had the same protagonists as yesterday. David Real, Joel esteban, Xabi Zurutuza Y Hugo Marin They have taken it upon themselves to fight to be the best. Real has been the leader since the traffic light has gone out but Esteban has not detached himself from him, he has even passed him to go straight for the victory. The championship lead was also at stake and that of the Igax Team he wanted it for himself. But there were still four laps to go and with many overtaking, Esteban won, Zurutuza was second and Carlos Torrecillas placeholder image third.

Promo3 Y Cradle of Champions have had the same podium: Cesar Parrilla, Marcos Ludeña Y Theo Gourdon.

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Maria Herrera has once again dominated the career of SBK Women. Have you enjoyed about the R1 and has made fast laps. Pakita ruiz It has not been able to ride close to it, but it has remained at the top of 600 cc and taking a new title in this displacement and there are already six !!. In 1000cc, it was Herrera herself who took it.

By categories, in SBK Women 600 Ruiz have been on the podium, Olga Shaternikova Y Andrea Sibaja, and in SBK Women 1000 Herrera have done it, Gaelle remy Y Anderson Nordhalle. All of them have received their diplomas and medals as champions, runners-up and third classified of the 2020.

The sixth and final episode of the ESBK 2020 will take place in the Circuit of Jerez-Ángel Nieto of Jerez de la Frontera, in Cádiz, the November 7 and 8. The categories convened will be Moto4, Promo3, PreMoto3, …

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