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25 mayo, 2021
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Harley-Davidson could not be left out of the boom in the development of electric motorcycle projects, that is why it has presented The Harley-Davidson LiveWire, it is a prototype electric motorcycle, Harley-Davidson’s first electric vehicle. The prototype was unveiled in 2014. Keith Wandell CEO of Harley-Davidson said the model was part of an effort to reach a more diverse audience, including riders ages 18-35, women, African-Americans and Hispanics. During 2014 and 2015, around 50 prototypes were touring different parts of the world, all with the intention of collecting data provided by the comments of the pilots who lived the experience of testing the model.


The Harley-Davidson LiveWire sustains a regulated top speed of 153 kilometers per hour, incredible acceleration and instantaneous deceleration, just as you stop accelerating. But they are still making improvements in both straight and cornering behavior. The curb weight reaches 210 kilograms and the equivalent power would currently be 74 horsepower. It has disc brakes on both axles, which are operated through the right lever, the front, and with the right foot, the rear. The suspensions are entrusted to a front telescopic fork and a rear monoshock, the chassis is made of aluminum. The instrumentation is very clear and totally digital can be seen through an instrument panel where data such as the speed at which it is advancing and the percentage of the electrical charge level are displayed.


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