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25 mayo, 2021
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The Low Rider S is the answer that Harley davidson gives all motorists at the request of a more aggressive custom, as he explains Brad Richards, Harley Davidson Style Director.

The Low Rider is the ultimate in cruiser motorcycles that Harley Davidson has presented to the market for the 2016, has become part of the family Fat Boy S Y Softali Slim S, with a motor Screamin Eagle Twin Cam 110, the V-Twin, a motorcycle that achieves 156 Nm of maximum torque at 3500 rpm.

It is designed to provide a total connection experience between the rider and the road, providing all the tools such as power and maneuverability to achieve it.

It has gas-charged emulsion dampers. Three brake discs, the two front floating type, are equipped with ABS as standard. A single-seater seat and flat Drag Bar handlebar put the rider in an aggressive driving position.

The finish is in a black color “Vivid Black”, with gold accents on the tank badge and a smooth line on the five-spoke cast aluminum wheels, a very sixties detail.

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