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25 mayo, 2021
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Harley Davidson XL1200S – TM Garage

The Japanese have really gotten into the world of motorcycles, their contributions range from the greatest technological advances to customizing a motorcycle with great style, and the Japanese seem to have great skills. For sample eta the paint shop of Saitama Takashi Hashimoto and his TM Garage.

TM Garage is responsible for us to appreciate this beauty, it is nothing less than the Harley Davidson XL1200S from TM Garage.

This bike is also known as (aka ‘Lambda’), it was first unveiled in December last year at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show.

What stands out about this bike is that the graphics are really spectacular and have a leading role, basically it is its distinctive, of course the details on the bike are the original creation of Hashimoto San.

When Hashimoto made the visual graphic concept of the XL1200S, he decided that what would govern this project would be the visual symmetry. This is also enhanced by the small details on the bodywork, which include a taillight. ‘reversed ghost’ (as the Japanese call it).

The restoration is enhanced by the addition of a ‘Bop Machine’ and some 19 “Continental tires on the front wheel and 18” on the rear wheel. A German speedometer Motogadgets in a style vintage, to mention just a few of the many high-end items that have been added to the bike. The overall result seems very well balanced and harmonious.

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